Introduction to Tablet of the Invisible Script (25 Chapters)

The Very Last Day of High School

"Hi! ... Really?!  We met here? ... Right here? ... Oh."
"I always thought we met in Ms. Brown's English Class!  Remember that horrible class!  Our very first 'D' on our very first essays!  Lucky that was the only D we got, huh?!"  She laughed.

I love hearing her laughter.  She hadn't laughed like that for almost two years.  She must really be glad because it's the last day of school.  I wonder if I'll ever see her again.

"Yeah ... umm ... yeah."
"Sorry, but my friends are waiting for me."
"You too!  Take care! ..... No, I don't think so ..... umm ... you know ... 'K' ... Bye!"
"Oh! .... umm ... about your engagement ... anyways, yay, good luck on that … Bye!"

As befitting as it was, last day of high school's entry ended up on the last page of this diary.  This is the perfect closure, an ending to a chapter in my life.  Perhaps it was destined that my encounter with her and our exchanges of words throughout the last five years were bounded by the number of pages in this diary.  No more, no less.

The End!

Well, if ever there's a slight chance we meet again, if she would ever say another word to me again, that's when I will start another journal.  Maybe by that time, my digital tablet would be discovered.  Though I hope I won’t have to wait THAT long. 

Get over it, Danny!  She’s already made it known she didn't want to keep in touch.  Guess I can't blame her.  She did say Pam's best friend is the 'bitchy - est' bitch (Her Words) in our entire high school.  And what kind of wish is that about my engagement? Wait a minute…how did she know?! Could she maybe ....

(Pen runs out of ink but there was a deep imprint of the letter 'J' on the page.)
15 Years Later

Emily Reynolds pulled out the last item from the bottom of the box and wiped the layer of dust off the cover of the 5 by 7 two-inch thick book.  Intrigued by the beautiful handmade cover, she flipped through the pages and discovered she was holding a diary.  She flipped through the pages a second time at a slower speed.  Her attention was first perked by the random numbering at the top right corner of each page.  Then her curiosity was captured by a certain name which dominated throughout the diary.  Her fiancé entered the room to pick up another box of items that was ready to be driven to the city's disposal ground.

"I didn't know you kept a diary!"  Emily's surprised expression turned into a grin.  Waving the diary in her hand, she teased her soon-to-be husband.  "Was she your high-school Sweetheart?"

Maybe This Time – Michael Murphy