Chapter 17 - The Disadvantage of Digital Age

"I didn't invite you into my room!"  May shook herself free from his hold and gave him a scowling look, not knowing whether to let her agitation rule or surrender to her desire of having him near.

Daniel paused in his steps and looked at her with darken orbs.  "You're reaching mid-thirties soon, are you seriously going to play such childish games?"

"Says who?!  I still have three years before reaching mid-thirties!"  Even May couldn't believe her unwarranted behaviour.  She wondered where the kid in her came from.

Daniel looked straight into her brown eyes to challenge her to come up with a better excuse.  But she remained quiet, yet flashed him a stubborn loser face which made Daniel wanted to grab her and kiss her crazy.  But he knew he couldn't until things were cleared up between them.  "No you don't!  You have about 29 months before you turn 35."

Shocked by what he said, she gave him a snub.  "I have more than 29 months!"

"You have 29 months and 16 days to be exact!" 

Her knees buckled and she sat on her unmade bed and did a mental count.  Her heart melted upon realizing that Daniel remembered her birthday to the exact date.  She felt bad she couldn't remember his; even though she had difficulty forgetting the time in grade 11 when he was presented with a birthday cake in Algebra class.  Perhaps she had chosen to forget that day because she and the entire class witnessed Pam giving him a birthday kiss.  And the kiss was not like the Chinese style ones she had seen from Asian Drama on TV as a child, they were French kissing.  After watching how Daniel was responding to Pam’s kiss, May had to turn her eyes away.  When it became too much for her stomach to bear, she made her way to the washroom.  However, she could never forget the look on his face when she took one last glance before closing the door as she slipped out of the classroom.

May was taken out of her reverie when Daniel came and stood in front of her.  There were two questions he needed answers to immediately.  "Why would you still think I am not interested in you after everything we've been thru the last few days?"

While coming out of her reverie, she only caught ‘the last few days’ of what he said.  She had one question needed answer to immediately as well.  "Why didn't you call me last night?"

He pushed her question aside because he was on a roll and had to get the next one off his chest.  "When were you going to tell me about YOUR Adam?"

Obviously shocked by the mention of Adam, and specifically by the possessive pronoun, May looked at him with a soundless open mouth.  When she was about to give her answer, he interjected.  "When he proposes to you, AGAIN?!"   

May gushed out a loud and angry “NO! Of course not!”

It helped that her response came immediately.  Actually, this was what he really wanted to get off his chest after the short chat with Emily which made him agitated.  Daniel brushed his fingers through his neatly combed hair as he paced back and forth; he didn't know what he would have done if she had remained silent after his last question.  One moment, he was so certain of his feelings for her and hers for him; yet, he could be so insecure the next moment.  But deep down, he knew he couldn't deny he felt something for her since the first time he bumped into her.  It took him almost 20 years to come to terms with his feelings and he wasn’t sure if he could let that go a second time.  Perhaps he never did.

Daniel finally sat his tired body down on the bed next to her.  Bending forward with elbows on his knees, he covered his face with his hands and answered her earlier question.  "I left my cell at my parents’, that’s why I couldn't call you last night.  The cable guy is coming sometime this afternoon to connect my phone."

She remained quiet, but he felt her gaze was on him.  He sat upwards and looked her in the eyes.  "I know you were waiting for my call.  I had to turn my lights off so you wouldn’t wait up." He took hold of her hand.  "But you waited past midnight, didn’t you?"

"You..."  May started but felt guilty thinking about all the things she accused him of when he didn’t call her last night. 

When she couldn’t deliver her sentence, he took her face in his two hands and caressed the bags of her eyes with his thumbs.  "I know how tired you were, but I also know you were waiting for my call.  I saw you glancing out the window a few times.  I turned off my lights hoping you would go to ..."
Her lips landed on his.  She was kissing him with so much passion he could not control his own burning desire for her.  He brought them both to their feet but the burst of energy in their kiss brought them both down unto the bed again.  She came down with her back and he came down on top of her.  They both knew their desire was about to take over and rule the moment.  She was well aware of his harden body, and the silky garment was doing nothing but arousing all her sensual spots.  If she could think straight enough to make a wish at this moment, it would be to have on a terry cloth or a fleece robe to shield his rousing body.  But there was no way she would be thinking such thoughts when virtue was having a major battle with physical desire. 

Daniel could no longer stop his hands from running over the smooth silky material covering her.  He moaned and she groaned.  He let out a breath and she took one in.  It felt as if the heat was rising in the room but it was only their body temperature.  She groaned some more as she pulled the rest of her body up onto the bed.  He moaned louder as her hips brushed against his manhood.   

When he turned to kiss her neck and ears, she let out a sound which would take him to the point of no return.  But he couldn't, or he didn't want to and willed his mind to pull away from her. 

May sensed his withdrawal and became still.  She tried to push away from him but he wouldn't let her go.  When Daniel pulled her close, she fought to hide her face from him.  A strong surge of mixed emotions overwhelmed her, and she felt he was rejecting her all over again.  Finally, she let out a sob but was fighting to hold back her tears. 

"Hey, hey, Little B, what's wrong?"  Daniel asked in a gentle voice and caressed the bottom of her eye lids where tears were collecting.  He tried to get her to look him in the eyes but she wouldn't.  "Are you still mad at me?"

Finally, she shook her head and surrendered under his touch and let out her vulnerability.  But she was still unable to look at him.  "I'm not like your other girlfriends.  Is that why you stopped?" 

Understanding it was her insecurities speaking, he reach for her chin so he could reassure her.  But before he could speak, she told him.  "I would have gone all the way with you."

He leaned in to kiss her and fell back on top of her.  Kissing the nap of her neck, he whispered. "I know!" 

Things were getting heated again and Daniel had to let her know the truth.  "Believe me, I want you! All of you now, so very much!"  He lifted his head and looked into her glistening eyes.  "But I won't let your first time with me be overshadowed with guilt."

She sniffed and cleared her throat.  "So you would take me now if I told you I wasn't a virgin?"

Suddenly, desire consumed Daniel like a fire hungry for oxygen and he devoured her mouth again.  Within a few seconds, the opening of her gown parted and his hand came in contact with her flesh.  Then her hands found the hem of his shirt and she explored his back with her hands.  The warmth of their palm brought their sensual sensitivity to a much higher level than before.  Daniel found the belt of her gown and unfastened it.  When he reached under her pajamas, he could feel her heart rate going faster and faster as he his hands ascended on her body.  He couldn't stop now, not when his heart was pumping with such adrenaline.  His brain was focused on giving her pleasure as well as bathing his own desire in bliss.

When his hand got to one of her pleasure point, he noticed how she took in a deep breath and her body went completely rigid.  Then he felt her chest relaxed; releasing the air from the chambers in her lungs as she softly murmured in his ears; allowing her body to take in this entirely new physical pleasure where his thumb was but his eyes had yet to see.  But his hand was already telling him how beautiful his Little Beauty was.  Looking at her facial delight, he wanted to give her more.  When his hand started downwards, he instantly remembered she had never been defiled.  As if a bucket of cold water was poured down from heaven, he suddenly felt unworthy all over again.

Just as the tension was building inside and around the area of her womb, Daniel pulled his hand away and covered the exposed part of her body with her pajamas.  Then he pulled himself away from her body and fell back onto the bed, still breathing heavily.  When May realized he wasn't going to continue, she told him in her own breathless voice.  "If you do this when we are married, I swear I will handcuff you to the bed till you finish what you started!" 

Daniel found her hand and hooked his pinky to hers.  He replied with a deep breathing voice as well.  "I will hold you to that promise!"  With his other hand, he pinched her nose playfully.  “Remember, you swore!”

They both lay on the bed next to each other as their panting slowed.  When they could regulate back to their normal breathing again, they broke out in laughter at the same time.

With their pinky still hooked together, Daniel brought her hand to his lips.  After giving it a peck on the back, he threw her a grin and made a proposition.  "What do you say we head to my parents after breakfast?"  He turned his body and climbed on top of her again.  "I think we should seriously consider making good Pastor Brooke's offer!  I'm going to be thinking about those handcuffs of yours every night now." 

With her free arm, May reached over to grab a pillow and smacked him playfully on the side of his head.   Then the tickling vengeance started as she tried to make her escape from under him.

On the way to the airport, Daniel asked May a rather peculiar question.  "Do you know my cell phone number by heart?"

May looked at him, couldn't quite decide what words of rebuttal to use on him.  But she also couldn’t figure out what brought on his question.  "No, but I have you on speed dial.  Is that not good enough for you?"

Daniel took his eyes off the road for a split second to give her an appreciative smile.  "Yes, but I learned an important lesson last night.  I wanted to go to the lobby to call Ethan or Emily for your number but I couldn't!  My contacts were all in my cell!  I couldn't even recall my parents’ home number!"

“Hmmm!”  May understood where his questioning was coming from and she could totally relate.  She tried to recall Emily’s number.  "I guess I’m the same!  I don’t know Emily’s number though I called her practically every day!" 

Daniel chuckled.  “That’s the disadvantage of our digital age.  Gram has my number memorized!  Well, she also wrote it in her little phone book which I’m not in the habit of doing.”

"Well, now that you know my date of birth to the exact, you can also remember my cell."  May gave him a cheeky grin as she pulled her cell phone from her bag.

"Seriously? Month, day and year?"  He asked in disbelief.  May nodded with a grin.  "Did you happen upon the number or did you buy it?"

"I happened upon it!"  May chirped and swiped her contact list for his number.  She gushed upon seeing it.  "You got to be kidding!  Our last 4 digits are the same!"

“Hence, you’re not the only one with month, day and year.”  He gave her head a playful nudge.

It was easy for May to commit his phone number to her memory now, as well as his date of birth.  “Lucky you were born in a single digit month!”

“Lucky in California!” Daniel added.  “But I had to buy this number here!” 

“Fancy!”  May teased him.  “I hear only the rich and famous buy their numbers.  Like how they buy their special license plate for their car!  Are you one of those people?” 

Daniel gave her a keen smile which didn’t answer her question at all.  “I figured this would be easier for Gram and my colleagues to remember one phone number, just need to change the area code!”  

“Does anyone know this is your date of birth?”  May was curious.  He was about to tell her the obvious, Gillian.  But he caught his tongue and shook his head.  But May somehow sensed the expression on his face.  “Besides your family … and Gillian.”

He gave her a founded look and smiled.  “And now you!  The one who matters!”

May smiled and put away her own cell phone.  “Any plans for your upcoming 33rd birthday?  VIPs usually send out invites at least 6 months prior to their birthday!”

“I’m no VIP!”  Daniel gave her head another nudge.  “I will be in LA that week.”

May gave him a quizzical look and then reached for her cell to check her own calendar.

Not comprehending why she was searching through her calendar application, he thought he needed to emphasize.  “It’s for work!”  

“Hmm!  What a coincident!”  May exclaimed.  “I have to be in LA too.  Some fancy pants there insisted to meet there!  Imagine!  She wants to do business with us and won’t come here to meet me.”

“Really?”  Daniel was instantly curious.  “Who are you meeting?”

“I don’t know.  Uncle Lam arranged the meeting, he is looking after my Dad’s affairs at the moment.”  May gave him a sullen look.  “After the new year, I’ll have to start learning the ropes.”

Daniel logged into his memory to check his upcoming LA schedule when he could spare a minute.  When May yawned, he felt bad for her sleepless night.  "I would have remembered your cell if you had let me keyed it in myself!  Then I could have called you from the lobby!" 

May gave him a scoff.  “Your Best Man Handbook had my contact number!”

Daniel smacked himself in the forehead.  “That’s right!  What a Dodo bird I was!”  Then he gave her a cheeky grin.  “Oh well, good thing I forgot about the handbook or you wouldn’t have promised to be my wife!”
May remained quiet but her cheeks were turning pink.  At the sight of the airport, Daniel remembered why they were here just before two in the afternoon.  “And I wouldn’t have known you were still in touch with your Pastor missionary boyfriend!”

"I told you!  We just happened to reconnect after my Dad passed away!  I was still with Kyle at that time!"  Her response was etched.  “Two months ago, he asked if he could stay at my place during his furlough.  I can’t see any harm since I am thinking of selling.”

“Has he met Kyle?”  Daniel asked.

“No, but …” May was stumped.   

“Well, according to Emily, he’s back looking for a wife!” 

May paused.  "Really?  I didn’t know that!"

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