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Chapter 6 - I Hope You Dance

After Fei helped Chin Chin alight from the SUV, she pushed him to get back inside his vehicle before giving him another chance to nag her.  He had been wanting to go with her to see her doctor at the hospital, but Chin Chin had refused to give in.  She told him she wanted to venture out on her own, and wanted to regain her independence again. After Fei settled back into his driver’s seat, Chin Chin turned around and said goodbye to him once again. 
“Remember to call me if you get tired.  I will come pick you up.”  Fei urged one last time.
“I don’t need you to come.  You need to concentrate on your work.  What if you are in the middle of chasing a thief?”  Chin Chin staved him off.  “If I get tired, I’ll take a taxi home.  Now go to work and stop nagging me.”
“Just be careful!” Fei gave his last word before starting his car’s engine.
​​As Chin Chin was walking down the corridor towards her doctor’s office, her attention was captivated by a little ballerina coming towards her.  The little girl seemed to be dancing down the corridor with one leg and crutches.  For a short moment, Chin Chin thought she was imagining the entire visage until a voice brought her back to reality.     
“Annabelle, wait for grandma please!”
Chin Chin lifted her eyes to see an elderly woman in her 70s turning from around the corner.  The elderly tried her best to catch up to her granddaughter, but Chin Chin knew that could never happen if the little girl didn’t stop.  When she did and turned around to face her grandma, Chin Chin couldn’t help but smiled.
“Hurry Grandma, Mr. Ho said I cannot be late for the fitting or the doctor won’t wait.”  The little girl turned around and continued to dance towards Chin Chin again.
At the same time, Chin Chin reached the door to the office of her doctor.  When she was reaching out for the doorknob, a man swung the door wide open and knocked right into her.  If the man didn’t catch hold of her and steadied her, Chin Chin would have tumbled over onto the floor.
“Leung Chin Chin?”  The man was happily surprised.  “It’s really you?”
“Nathaniel Ho?”
“Mr. Ho! I am here for my leg now!” The little ballerina tugged on Nathaniel’s shirt with eagerness.
“Hi Annabelle!”  Nathaniel checked his watch.  “Your appointment is not for another hour.”
Her grandma finally reached the door.  “Oh Annabelle, you kept telling me your appointment was at nine.”
“I wanted to make sure we were not late.”  Annabelle took the older woman’s hand and led her into the waiting area and helped her grandmother into a chair.
Chin Chin smiled at Annabelle’s enthusiasm.  She was very touched by her love to dance, especially in a physical challenged condition.  She looked at Nathaniel, “are you her ballet teacher?”
“Yes, and her therapist as well,” Mr. Ho acknowledged.  He noticed the prosthetic appliance on Chin Chin.  “I saw your name but didn’t think it was you.  I thought you went abroad to dance again.”
Chin Chin decided to avoid the topic of her dancing.  “So you are also my therapist too?”
“That’s only if you are willing to hire me.” Nathaniel responded jovially.  “I work with Dr. Chan’s patients for casting and fittings of prostheses.”
Chin Chin looked at Annabelle who had put aside her crutches and was dancing about in the waiting area.  “You also teach them to dance with the prosthetic leg?”
“You mean her?” Nathaniel turned to look at Annabelle and chuckled.  “She doesn’t need to be taught.  She is a natural, just like you!”
After the appointment at the hospital, Chin Chin decided to pay Kwan a visit at the office.  Thinking Kwan was very busy with her scheduled clients, she was prepared to wait until Kwan was ready to take a break for lunch.  To Chin Chin’s surprise, Kwan had no patients waiting and was able to see her the instance she spoke with the receptionist.
“Thanks for seeing me so last minute.” Chin Chin said as she opened the door to Kwan’s private office.
“Come in and have a seat,” Kwan stopped going through some file folders when Chin Chin entered the office and walked towards the chaise lounge.
“Do you have time to go for lunch?  Or do you have patients coming to see you later?”  Chin Chin asked Kwan as she made her way to the lounge and sat down.
Kwan came over and sat down in the arm chair next to her.  “Well, I have stopped taking appointments since last week.”
Chin Chin looked around the office and noticed the empty shelves.  There were a few boxes by the corner and she got curious.  “Doing your year-end clean up, are you?”
Kwan chuckled lightly.  “I guess you can call it that too.  I have resigned from my position.”
“You’ve resigned?”  Chin Chin was shocked.  “Why? Does Fei know?”
The answer was obvious, but Kwan tried to hide the answer with her smile and changed the subject.  “Why don’t we go for lunch?  Let me treat.”
And so that topic of conversation never came up again.  During lunch, Chin Chin told Kwan about the morning appointment at the hospital and how surprised she was to learn that her friend, Nathaniel Ho, from dancing school had worn a prosthetic leg since he was twelve.  Especially. 
As Kwan sat listening to Chin Chin describing how Annabelle danced about the room with one leg, Kwan could tell from Chin Chin’s face how much she loved to dance.  Kwan finally understood why Fei would often search for Chin Chin whenever ballet dancers came to town.  In the past, Kwan knew Fei would often search for new dance productions on the internet, hoping to see a picture of Chin Chin among the dancers.  Kwan knew it was also Chin Chin’s dream to be able to dance on tours.
“So when will you be checking out Nathaniel’s dance studio?”  Kwan asked at the end of Chin Chin’s retrospect.
“He asked me to come by on Thursday.  He has a class to teach in the afternoon.” Hesitance came across Chin Chin’s face.
“Do I sense a bit of reluctance?” Kwan asked directly.
Chin Chin let out a deep sigh.  “I might fall back into resentment again.  I have put dancing out of my mind since the accident.  It was such a coincidence that I saw Annabelle today.”
“I truly believe passion for something will always overcome all obstacles,” Kwan told Chin Chin.  Then she reached into her purse, took out a music CD and handed it to Chin Chin.  “Friends of mine sent me this song they are working on.  It hasn’t been released yet, but I will share it with you.  I found the lyrics very inspiring.”
Chin Chin took the CD with a smile. “Thank you.”
“And I hope you dance too!”  Kwan smiled back.
Ending Song = I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Wormack