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MChapter 19 - Love of My Life



After their sumptuous meal, Fei and Quin strolled down The Strip to marvel at the street of lights and to walk off the food in their fully satisfied stomach.  It was close to 11:30pm when they returned to their hotel suite.  Though physically and mentally exhausted, Fei felt obligated to consummate their marriage before their wedding day was officially over.  When he exited the bathroom after a quick shower, he noticed Quin was on the phone.
“Open til midnight?”  Quin waited until she got the confirmation from the other end of the line.  “Okay, thank you! I’m coming down right now!”
“What’s open til midnight?”  Fei asked when Quin placed the receiver back on the phone.
“The convenient store in the lobby, I left my entire hygiene kit behind in Hong Kong!”  Quin grabbed her purse.
“I thought you just had your thingy two weeks ago?”  Fei was somewhat disappointed but tried to hide his pout.  Quin’s eyes moved from her husband’s bare upper body to the towel that was wrapped around his waist and then back up to his face.  As he stood wiping his wet hair with a hand towel, she could read his disappointment. 
Instead of telling him the truth about the ‘thingy’, Quin just chuckled.  She was touched he remembered such fine details of her life.  She shrugged with a grin and refocused on her hygiene kit.  “I guess it’s the stress of the wedding!”  She gave him a quick peck on his lips and headed towards the door. “I need to get down there before they close!  I won’t be long!”
Fei’s steps came to a halt as he watched his wife turned around and gave him an apologetic smile; actually, it was more of a teasing one.  Then she closed the door.
Upon her return minutes later, Quin found him in bed sleeping soundly like a baby.  An amused smile came on her face; and then the rest of her body was filled with a feeling of relief.  For she too was so exhausted she didn’t think she had even one once of energy left in her to satisfy her husband’s physical desire which she was well aware was on his mind when she left the hotel room.
Hours later … Fei opened his eyes, it took him a minute plus to realize Quin was looking at him while lying on her side with one elbow on her pillow.  Then he felt her finger tapping on the tip of his nose.  “So I married a sleeping beauty who finally awakens!”  She smiled at him.
The room was dark with just a streak of light coming through the window curtains though it was still drawn.  He couldn’t tell if the light was from the sun or from the street lights.  “What time is it?”  He asked with a sleepy voice.
Quin leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on his cheek and he could smell the freshness of toothpaste in her breath.  She then tried to push him to get out of their bed.  “Time for you to go pee pee and brush your teeth!” 
After struggling to get out of his comfortable bed, he did the first thing he was told and returned to join Quin.  That was when he saw the alarm clock showing 4:00 am.  He did a mental conversion that it was dinner time in Hong Kong.  Before he had a chance to ask if hunger had woken her up, Quin stopped him from climbing back into their bed. 
“Did you brush your teeth?”  She asked.
“No!” He responded with a tad of irritation and was about to forced his way back into his cozy position on the bed.  “I know it’s dinner time in Hong Kong, but you have to adjust and wait a few more hours to eat breakfast.”
Quin lost the battle from keeping him out of their bed, so she decided to use her seducing voice.  “It’s true I’m hungry, but not for dinner or breakfast yet!”
Fei caught her obvious innuendo and took hold of her hand that was doing naughty things to wake the part of his body that he had intended to keep dormant.  “Stop it!  What do you mean?   It’s not like we can do anything, you still have your thingy!”
“I never said that!”  Quin started. “I had to get a tooth brush and deordorant!  Also the tear gel for my eyes.  But you were asleep when I returned.”
Seeing he understood her meaning of hunger, she smiled tenderly at him and put her arm on his chest and snuggled up closer to him.  Then she began drawing gentle caressing circles with her index finger on his chest.  “Well…..I thought maybe …..”
“Hold that thought…” Fei gently pressed her forehead with his index finger and quickly got out of bed.  When he finished brushing his teeth, he jumped back into their bed and gently pressed her forehead with his finger again.  Then he said with a shy but cute smile.  “Please continue to play that thought of yours!”
Several hours later … before going out to grab breakfast and to see the City of Dreams, Fei suggested they make use of the large jetted tub that was in their suite.  He was getting the tub ready when Quin came out of the bathroom and saw him pouring the entire bottle of bubbles into the water. The bottle was 750 ml HUGE! 
“Fei! What are you doing?!”
Closing the cap to the bottle, with a grinning smirk.  “I’m trying to make lots of bubbles like in Pretty Woman.  Then you can be like Julia Roberts and do that sexy leg thing.”  He tried to demonstrate for her while sitting on the edge of the tub.  It wasn’t very sexy the way he demonstrated, but it brought on tons of laughter from Quin.
Then Fei flipped on the switch for the jets as Quin got into the tub.  As the bubbles started to grow, Quin realized the water wasn’t even quarter way filled.  It was just a little above her ankle and she started laughing.  “You’re supposed to fill the tub up with water first!”
Feeling rather shameful for his ignorance where bubble bath was concerned, he quickly turned on the tap to add more water.  In no time, the bubbles grew huge and fast and started to overflow unto the floor.  They got out of the tub in split seconds and started laughing hysterically while looking at each other.  They were both covered in bubbles from head to toes.
After turning the jets and water off, Fei modeled poses of historical sculptures like that of the famous David, Discobolus of Myron and The Thinker for Quin.  She’d never laughed so hard in her life, and he never had so much fun taking a bath before.  In fact, he told her this was his very first bath. When Quin’s eyes shot wide at his revelation, he explained he had always taken showers.  
After having their share of fun, Fei pulled Quin to his side and asked.  “You know why we make such a good team?”
Quin shook her head.  “Why?”
He gave her a peck on the lips and said.  “It’s because I am always the one making the mess and you are always the one cleaning it up!”  He was about to turn around when Quin grabbed hold of his wrist.
“Oh no, you don’t!” Quin quickly pulled him back into the tub and poked him in the chest with her index finger.  “You mess, you clean!”  With a cheeky grin, she showed him who was boss and grabbed her bath robe. 
Later that afternoon, as they were strolling through the hotel casino, Quin noticed a sudden look of sadness in her husband’s eyes.  “You don’t like casinos?”
“It’s not that,” Fei reached for her hand.  “It just reminded me of Leung Sir.”
“He liked to gamble, didn’t he?”  Quin remembered very little of Chin Chin’s brother because she didn’t get to know him very well before his passing.  Thinking back, the time Leung Sir went missing marked the anniversary of when she and Fei first started dating.
“Yes,” Fei sighed and thought he had better avoid this dooming conversation.  He put on a bright shiny facial expression.  “I wonder how Chin Chin is doing all by herself!” 
Upon hearing Chin Chin’s name, Quin looked away to hide her dismay. ‘Way to spoil the mood!  You just had to bring her here, didn’t you?’  Quin couldn’t help but thought to herself because for some reason, that sunny facial expression when Fei said Chin Chin’s name brought a sour taste to her stomach.    
Fei noticed her sudden silence.  “Why are you so quiet?”
She looked at him, wondering if she should speak her mind or brush it off with a ‘nothing.’  She decided to speak her mind.  “You asked about Chin Chin, I don’t have an answer for you.  I don’t know how she is doing ALL BY HERSELF!”  She then emphasized.  “Without you!”
At first, Fei got a bit spooked by her response.  Then he realized her agitation wasn’t unreasonable.  He gave her a smirk and then pulled her closer to him.  “You used to encourage me to tell you my thoughts and feelings. What happened to the understanding psychologist I married yesterday?”
Looking into his eyes, she could tell something was different, but for the better, when he mentioned Chin Chin.  He was no longer concealing his thoughts and feelings like he used to whenever Chin Chin was on his mind. 
She fixated her eyes on him and realized he was waiting for a rebuttal.  His grinning eyes revealed she was acting like an insecure pathetic wife.  She made a pout and pushed him away, pretending she was still mad at him.  “I don’t want to be a psychologist on our honeymoon.  I just want to be your wife!”
Smiling, he reached out and pulled her back into his arms.  “You have to trust me, I’m married to you now!”  Still feeling a bit of her resistance, he led her to a quiet corner and put his arms around her neck so she had nowhere else to turn but to look at him.  “Remember that first night when we first got together and you wanted me to tell you things you liked to hear?”
‘How could I ever forget?’ Quin thought to herself.  She remembered that event vividly.  That was the night she thought would be the end of her life.  She could still remember the feeling of falling from the roof top trying to save her suicidal client.  She remembered being upset with Fei for his cold treatment after revealing her feelings to him.  The last thing she was expecting was Fei rushing to the scene to protect her. 
“Yes, I remember.”  Quin admitted. “I hated you and loved you at the same time back then.”
“I know.”  He pulled her hand up to his chest to make sure she felt his beating heart.  “Thank you for choosing me as your boyfriend and now as your husband.”
“I didn’t choose you!”  Quin’s heart was softening by his words but her brain was clouded with confusion.  “In fact, I let you go three times, remember?”
His lips touched the back of her hand.  “Yes, but I know you never stopped loving me every time you left me. I knew from the beginning when you had feelings for me and I’m sorry I avoided you.  I was angry, frustrated and lost.”  He looked deep into her eyes.  “But you never gave up on me.  And I know every time you walked away, you did it so I wouldn’t have to struggle with making a decision of my own.”
Quin shook her head and revealed the truth that was in heart.  “I left because you were going to choose Chin Chin.”  She clarified her statement.  “I know you had to choose Chin Chin because she sacrificed so much for you.”
“Yes, she did!”  Fei interjected.  “But I was no longer in love!  Even after I found out what happened to her and what she did for me.”  He squeezed her hand for emphasis.  “You are the love of my life now!  I would never have proposed to you in the first place if I wasn’t in love with you.  You know I don’t take relationship matters lightly!”
Kwan smiled and nodded humbly.  “Then I guess we chose each other.”
“Actually, it’s more like love chose us.” He playfully rubbed his nose against hers.  “From now on, I promise to live my life worthy of your love.”
“And I the same!” said Quin.
Fei’s chuckle turned into a soft laughter and Quin eyed him with curiosity.  “What’s so funny?”
“Nothing really, I just remembered something my high school teacher used to say all the time.”  Fei put on his acting talent and mimicked in a deep firm voice as if spoken from Heaven.  “You did not choose me but I chose you!”
Kwan was impressed.  “What else did you learn from your teacher in high school?”
He smiled impishly at her.  “To never say I went to wash my hands in the toilet!”
Quin couldn’t figure out what was wrong with that sentence.  “Why not?”
“Ewwww! Yuck!”  Fei flung her hands away as if they were contaminated and exclaimed dramatically.  “If you ever wash your hands in the toilet, don’t expect me to ever hold them ever again!”
Ending Song - Love of My Life by Jim Brickman and Michael W. Smith