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Chapter 18 - I Will Be Here


Quin looked at her own trembling hand that was holding the gun which was just fired a few seconds ago.  Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, her perfect wedding day turned horrific as screams were heard throughout the sanctuary, running footsteps became the background sound, her Maid of Honor no longer wanted to stay by her side, and she became the deserted wife in less than three minutes after she was pronounced Mrs. Tsui.
Everyone around her rushed to Chin Chin whom she just shot for whatever reason, she did not know.  Suddenly the spot light left her to focus on Chin Chin, even her own husband seemed to have hurled forward to block the shot.  Quin felt her heart shattering as she saw once again how willing he was to take the bullet for Chin Chin.
With trembling feet, Quin was left standing alone as she tried to figure out what had happened.  She had never even handled a gun in her whole entire 29 years of life; and now she was holding one with smoke coming out of the muzzle.  Suddenly she got spooked and flung the gun out of her hand and watched Fei turning around in slow motion.  She felt like she was watching a movie as Fei immediately lunged forward and did a summersault and caught the weapon in his hand just inches from it landing on the ground. 
“Are you crazy?!”  He gritted his teeth and shot her the sharpest piercing eyes that could penetrate even hearts made of stone.  “The gun could have gone off and shot someone else!”
Quin’s heart was paper thin and was torn apart by his words.  Deaf to all the other accusations that were still being hurled at her by the man she just married, she watched silently as he got up from the floor and tucked the gun back into its barrier.  Taking out his hand-cuffs, he turned her around and roughly cuffed her wrist as if she was a criminal.  She felt her spirit began to drift away from her body though she was trying to fight the rush of palpitation against her chest. 
Quin jerked awake when the passenger sitting directly behind her got up from her seat to get to the aisle so she could head to the lavatory on the plane.  Some images from her dream were still lingering as she tried to get herself reoriented again.  She realized she was resting her head against someone’s shoulder.  She came to realize she was on an airplane, but with whom?  When it dotted on her that she was in a very cozy position with the man next to her, she quickly moved to sit herself back in her own seat.  That was when she saw Fei reading the In Flight Magazine.  It was at that moment when the smog cleared up and she remembered they were on a flight to Las Vegas for their 3-day honeymoon before she would return to Baltimore and Fei would head to Quantico.
Seeing his wife was now awake, he put away the magazine and turned to her.  “Did I wake you up?  I pushed the handle bar up just now so you could sleep comfortably on my shoulder.”
‘Maybe that was when I dreamt he hand cuffed my wrist!’  Quin tried to reason the images that were still lingering form the last scene of her dream. 
Looking at her ‘initial wake-up’ facial expression, he noticed she was slightly grumpy.  So he tried to bring out her adorable grumpy look.  “Did you know you were snoring really loud just now?”
She made a ‘not the time for teasing’ face at him, obviously telling him she was in no mood for jokes.  He didn’t get the hint, and pulled on her nose playfully.  She hit him with the seat cushion and turned to face away from him.  She felt grouchy and wanted to sleep some more.
“I guess I’d better leave you alone.  Yau Sir gave me a few pointers for being a good husband.  He said a good husband must make sure his wife gets her beauty sleep!”  He continued to tease her.  “You know why?”  When Kwan turned back and glared at him, he leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Yau Sir said ‘or else she would turn into a bitch!”
Quin shut her eyes and ignored him, sending a body language warning him not to annoy her. 
“Oh wait a minute, you are one already!”  He chuckled and started to laugh at her expense.  “I need to thank Chin Chin again for reminding me with the two dogs she made for us!”
That did it!  Quin grabbed her seat cushion and smacked him over and over again with it.  “You are so mean!  I just had a very bad dream!  And how can you call me that on our wedding day?”
Looking into her eyes, he saw she was indeed hurt and upset and felt guilty for being insensitive.  “I’m sorry!”  He apologized sincerely and drew her into his arms to comfort her.  “I was just teasing you.  I didn’t know you have a bad dream.  What was it about?”
At first Quin wasn’t sure if she wanted him to know because her dream involved Chin Chin, but she needed refuge from her fear.  “I dreamt I shot Chin Chin right after our wedding ceremony and it was really bad….”
“Oh but you did!”  Fei interjected.  “Remember how we shot everyone with our guns?  We knocked their bubble guns away with our fist guns?”  He chuckled as he reminisced on what happened during the first few minutes when they were marching down the aisle as husband and wife.  Fei somehow found out the guests were given plastic guns so they could shoot streams of confetti's and bubbles at them as they marched down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.  So he and Quin were prepped with ‘real’ looking guns that punched people with a cushioned fist.  The gun was one of Fei’s genious inventions and there were only two in the world.
His interest in guns started at the age of four.  Since then, he had created hundreds of models which hung in the den of his new home now.
When he moved his belongings over to their new home over the week, he wanted to display his guns on their bedroom’s wall.  Quin said he could but that he would be sleeping in the next room all by himself.  She would be in the master bedroom which would be decorated with photos of all her favorite soccer players.  
Thus Fei, like Henry VIII, annulled his long term relationship with all his guns and put them in the den.  At the same time, Quin also agreed to never allow any of her soccer idols to be in the room that would contain their marriage bed.
After listening to Fei’s recollection of what followed after they were pronounced husband and wife, her psychoanalytical mind made inferences of how her dream may have been associated with the wedding.   But she was still disturbed by the vividness of the dream, as if it was a premonition of things to come.  Looking at her husband, she voiced her fear.  “What if I really become crazy one day and start shooting people for no reasons?”
Fei could see the worries in her eyes.  He took her hand and squeezed it tight and said to her with the most promising eyes she had ever seen in him. “You don’t have to worry, it was just a dream.”  He put his arm around her and drew her to his side.  “And if one day you wake up in the morning and it seems the whole world has gone crazy, I will be here with you!  I won’t leave you!”
Kwan relaxed in his embrace and offered her pinky to him.  “Promise?” 
He hooked his pinky with hers.  “I promise!”
By the time the Fei and Quin arrived at the Flamingo Hilton on The Strip, it was close to 8 pm.  This being the very first time in Las Vegas, they looked forward to what any newly married couple would look forward to once they got to their hotel.  Throughout the long flight, they both hinted at how excited they were and how they couldn’t wait to get to the hotel for this.
After checking in, Fei told Quin he was only giving her a maximum of 15 minutes to undress and do whatever she needed to once they reach their suite.  He told her his hunger would soon kill him if he had to wait more than 15 mintues.  He had been looking forward to this since the moment they decided to have their honeymoon in Las Vegas.
As they boarded the elevator, Fei could tell his wife shared the same degree of hunger.  However, she was a lot more open and vocal about it.  Quin told an older couple in the elevator that they were just married today and how they just flew in from Hong Kong for their honeymoon in Vegas.  And he was speechless when Quin told the older couple he was only allowing her 15 minutes to refresh herself when they got to their suites.
However, what surprised Fei most was when the older couple told them they had the very same plan in mind.  In fact, they told Quin and Fei that they were in Vegas celebrating their 50th anniversary and that they too were married on July 8th as well.  Fei was deeply affected by their love for eachother.  It was a delightful sight to see them still holding hands, hugging and kissing each other, as if they were just married today.  This was a very rare sight where he came from.  He definitely wanted things to be like this with Quin when they celebrate their 50th anniversary.
When the light of the elevator button which the older couple pressed went off, they said goodbye to Quin and Fei and then proceeded to alight with gleeful giggles.  Fei and Quin watched as the older gentleman gave his wife a playful smack on her fanny and exclaimed enthusiastically. “Let’s go for it, baby!”
Fei watched with astounding eyes just before the elevator doors closed.  “Wow!  50 years!”  Then he turned to his wife.  “I wonder if I can even do this in 30 years, let alone 50 years!” 
Quin gave him a playful grin.  “Oh I am sure I can learn a few tricks over the next 30 years to spruce up your appetite so you will bring me back here for our 30th anniversary.”
Now that they were alone in the elevator, Fei put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him as he nuzzled behind her neck.  “With that hunger of yours being so demanding, I have no doubt you already have some tricks up that sleeve of yours!”
As soon as they opened the door to their suite, Fei and Quin dropped their carry-ons bags onto the carpeted floor.  Fei started to unbutton his shirt and Quin couldn’t get out of her pantyhose fast enough, she regretted wearing them on the flight across the Pacific Ocean.  Undoing his belt buckle, Fei then let his dress pants drop to the floor.  Seeing he had stepped out of his pants, Quin turned around and asked for his help to unzip the back of her dress.
As Fei was struggling with the bottom section of her dress’ zipper, Quin was impatiently stomping her feet telling him how she couldn’t hold it in any longer.  Soon after the dress came down, she literally sprinted to the washroom to use the toilet.  After she was done, she came out and saw her husband lying flat out on the bed waiting for her.  When he noticed she was out of the bathroom, he got up from the bed and approached her with a smirk.  “Finally!”
She smacked his butt as he sped past her to the bathroom.  When he was done, he found Quin sitting on edge of the king-sized bed waiting for him with obvious excitement in her eyes.  He was excited as well.  Quin got up from the bed to have Fei quickly put his arm around her waist.  He looked into her deep brown eyes.  “Are you ready for this, my dear wife?”
“Yes, my husband dear!”
“Then let’s go for it, Baby!”  Fei mimicked the old gentleman they just met in the elevator.  He led his wife out their hotel room.  Hand in hand, they walked to the elevator lobby.  When they stepped into the elevator, they pressed the button that read ‘Buffet’ so they too could participate in what most first-timer visitors to Las Vegas came to experience.   And so to the BUFFET they went and literally ate their heart out. 
Ending Song - I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman