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Tsui Fei was a sergeant of the Homicide Unit at The Hong Kong Central Police Station.  With the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend of two years, Leung Chin Chin, he became emotionally unavailable and was often unable to control his temperamental mood.  That was until a clinical psychologist, Mo Chiu Kwan (Quin), came along.  Over a course of events, the two eventually developed a close and intimate relationship.  After dating for sometime, Fei finally proposed to Quin.  Just when he and Quin were making plans for their big day, Chin Chin resurfaced and was rescued from the abductor at large.  When the truth about how Chin Chin had sacrificed her life over the last 3 years by pretending to be in love with her abductor, Kwan felt her future with Fei as husband and wife was once again on rocky ground. Thus, thinking that Fei would never be able to forgive himself if he were to leave Chin Chin after finding out the truth about her disappearance, Kwan felt she had to be the one to make the move.  

Kong Chi Shan was the Senior Inspector of the Homicide Unit at The Hong Kong Central Police Station.  His fiancée, Man Yuen Lan, was a sheltered daughter of a wealthy businessman.  During the time Ah Man was struggling with some choices over her father's unethical business dealings, she also found out her best friend, Tong Sum Yu, had been secretly in love with Chi Shan. Thus she decided to break off the engagement with Chi Shan.  Soon after the breakup, Ah Man was sent to jail for 14 months because of her wrongful cooperation with her father involving a murder case.  During the time of Ah Man's imprisonment, her refusal to see Chi Shan led him closer to Sum Yu.  Sometime after Ah Man was released from prison, under a wasted drunken night, she revealed she still had feelings for Chi Shan and the real reason that drove her to break their engagement.  However, Chi Shan had already made a commitment to Sum Yu and was determined to keep his promise to her.  Unfortunately, on the night of their wedding, Sum Yu was killed by Chi Shan’s mentally challenged twin sister whom everyone in the family thought had died from birth.  

At the end of the series, Chi Shan knew Ah Man still had feelings for him.  However, he felt it would not be fair to his late wife of a few hours if he was to get back together with Ah Man.  Having lost all hope of ever reuniting with the love of her life, Ah Man relocated to Hunan, China, to be a volunteer teacher.  

As for Kwan, in order to drown her feelings for Fei, she told herself he had never truly let go of his love for Chin Chin, even during the times Fei was with her together as a couple.  Finally, Kwan decided to withdraw from the relationship, telling herself that she and Fei could move on and just be friends 'forever'. 

Canon in DIF IV is a fictional story based on a Hong Kong TVB Mega Drama from 1999 named Detective Investigation Files IV (DIF 4).  The timeline for this novel starts from the last event in the series known as ‘The Bar Scene’ and continues to present day (2013).  All characters were adapted from the original drama with the exception of new ones that are introduced in this novel.  Therefore all the characters were developed solely based on the author’s personal interpretation from the original drama to which all credits are given.  All events and characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.
This novel is intended for all readers and fans of DIF 4 - particularly fans of Jessica Hsuan as Mo Chiu Kwan and Louis Koo as Tsui Fei.  These two are the main characters and all others are supporting characters in Canon In DIF IV.  
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