Reflections on Canon In DIF IV – Come What May

Thank you for taking an interest and for reading Canon In DIF IV.   It’s been a year long journey and I am delighted to have ‘netted’ some of you via emails and comments.  LOL – I just made up a new word ‘netted’ – how appropriate a description for those who come to my website on a regular basis hoping for updates or just to re-read some of the chapters.  It’s like being stuck in the ‘Net’.  I can totally relate with you because there are several websites I ‘must’ visit every day.  And I am truly honored for those who come by to visit ‘’ every day.  For that, I’ll do my best to write and update the Canon Dabbles ASAP.  It used to be – but I lost that Domain due to technical difficulties - big sigh. 

I was very late in discovering this TVB Mega Drama Hit series Detective Investigation Files IV – late as in 2013.  I was simply intrigued by the two main characters, Fei and Quin.  Perhaps the actor (Louis Koo) and actress (Jessica Hsuan) had a role because they were indeed pleasing to the eyes. 

Nevertheless, it was the characters and personality in Fei and Quin that captivated my interest to watch the entire 50 episodes – even though ahead of time it was not a happy ending.  Okay I’ll reveal something about me here.  I am a true ‘sucker’ for happy endings.  Normally, I would watch the first episode and jump to the last episode before deciding if I want to watch the ones in between.  (By the way, LJ fans, I’ve yet to find a movie by Louis Koo with a happy ending.  And I don’t like sad endings like Accident (came highly recommended - sigh) – and some other ones that I can’t even remember the titles.  Maybe when some of you who get to meet him in person can ask if he would consider making only movies with happy endings ;) – the world is already full of depressing news as it is.  I know, it might not be very macho for him.  LOL.  He’ll probably say, ‘Kill me now, I might as well go make only ‘Hallmark Movies’ – not that there is anything wrong with HM movies :P

So anyways, get back on track, I totally don’t buy the original ending of Detective Investigation Files IV.  No way!  So my crazy mind went into the spinning mode and couldn’t stop imagining the way it should have been for Fei and Quin.  It’s just bad story-telling and inconsistent character building.  Then the open interpretation at the Bar Scene convinced me that there was no way Fei could let go of his love for Quin.  Like one of my readers said – it’s in his blood to love Quin.  I suppose one can really say The Best of Romances Deserves Second Chances … song lyrics from Chapter 12.  And one has to give credit to Chin Chin. After being in captivity for three years, would she really put herself through a marriage for life knowing Fei and Quin were about to get married?

Thus Canon in DIF IV was born on August 3, 2013.  Since that time, I’ve received nothing but wonderful feedback from many of you – and I sincerely thank you once again.  

I named my story Canon in DIF IV for two reasons.  First, for the fact that this is a fan fiction pulled from the original drama.  In fiction, canon refers to the overall set of storyline, premises, settings, and characters offered by the source media text.  In this case, DIF IV is "the original work from which the fan fiction author borrows," or "the original media on which the fan fictions are based."  (According to Webster Dictionary)

Secondly, the title of my story is in reference to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, a classical music piece from the 1700 that was actually forgotten for centuries but later to be rediscovered in the 20th century.  I see this as a similarity to my case with DIF IV.  Like a reporter once said about Pachelbel’s Canon in D, you either love it or hate it.  I love them both!  I couldn’t stop watching DIF IV over and over again, just as I couldn’t help but play the classical piece over and over again on my piano.  Canon in D was particularly prevalent in the 90s and was frequently played at weddings.  Thus this story is a romance.   

Just a few notes to sum up CID IV – Fei and Quin nicknamed their daughter Lemon-B because she was conceived in the car that Fei bought as a Lemon.  That was why Quin started laughing on the way to the hospital.  They didn’t want their baby to be born in a car – that would be a Double Whammy – as Fei puts it. 

Fei has Quin listed as SP on his cell phone.  It stands for Sugar Plum.  Being an FBI agent, he would not use titles like Home – Wife – Children on his cell in order to protect his family in the event his phone was stolen or computer was hacked. 

Lastly, Fei gave Kwan a CD of all her favorite songs and the song he chose to represent them.  He said it was ‘our song’.  As the original show left an open ending, this is what I will leave for open interpretation.  You can choose whatever song you like to be ‘their song’. 

I hope this is a story that you can enjoy over and over again.  May it ever be inspiring you to dream when things around look bleak.  May you never give up on your pursuit of love, peace and happiness!  May there always be a melody playing in your heart.  Most of all, may you always be strong and courageous.  Wherever you are, whatever you are facing at this time, I pray that fear will never rule in your heart.  May you forever have the assurance that the Creator of Life, your life, will never leave you, nor forsake you!

People used to say ‘In your busy schedule, take a moment to stop and smell the roses.’  Well, with changing seasons and pollution around our world, it is rather hard at times to find roses to smell.  But please allow me to suggest ‘In your busy schedule, take a moment to stop by to catch a smile and hear the music.’ 

2013 - 2018

Come What May by Air Supply