Chapter 38 – God Will Make a Way

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Fei woke up the next morning and couldn't figure out where he was again.  The last thing he remembered was the comfort he found in holding Quin's hands.  The memory brought a smile to his heart which caused the corner of his lips to curve upwards.  He kept this happy thought to himself for a moment.  But then his smile disappeared as soon as two nurses entered the room to check on him.  Of course the first thing he asked them was who they were because he hadn’t seen them before.  Then he asked them why he was in the hospital.  Both nurses were caught off guard by his questions and didn't quite know how to answer him.
"Because you cannot remember why you are here, that's why you're here!"  Quin entered the room just in time to answer for the nurses.  She gave Fei a cheeky grin and nodded her greetings to the two nurses. 
Fei gave Quin a glare and threw her a rebuttal immediately.  "It's better for me to ask the walls in this room than to ask a psychologist!"
"Well, at least you remember I am a psychologist!"  She ignored him when he gave her his usual growl and pout.  She pulled out a Thermos container from the bag she was carrying.  "And one who brings your favourite breakfast!"  She gave him another bright cheerful smile.    "Plain congee!" 
He looked at her with bafflement and wondered how she knew he was in the mood for congee.  For a short moment, he felt a sense of familiarity, as if he had had many meals of congee with her before.  But soon enough, he was distracted by a spark from her diamond ring.  He made it look as if he was watching her handling his food, but in truth, he was trying to figure out where he had seen that ring before.  That particular ring, as well as the one he noticed on her left hand fourth finger.  When nothing came to his mind about the rings, he reluctantly asked her.
"What did you do with my brain?"  Fei was surprised at his own fluency in English. 
"I didn't know you had one!"  After an unexpected full night of deep quality sleep, Quin got her wits back.  She credited her rest to her encounter with the two officers last night.  Her comment earned her another growling stare from Fei, but the two nurses broke out in bouts of giggles.
After breakfast, Fei was scheduled for a series of tests.  He didn't want to be left alone with strangers he didn't know but he also wasn't willing to admit he wanted Quin to stay with him.  So he made up a lame excuse.  "Can you accompany me as my translator?"
So Quin made it look as if she was doing him a favor though she didn't translate a single word for him or the doctors who were examining him.  When the time came for his complete physical exam in the afternoon, Quin had unknowingly stepped back into her role as his wife and was about to undress him.  When she reached behind him to untie the strings that held his robe, he flinched and stopped her immediately.
"Hey!  What are you doing?!"  He spoke in a rebuking tone as if she was misbehaving in the most dishonourable way.  "Last time you were blind...but you're not blind anymore!"
Quin had forgotten that in her husband's mind, he hadn't seen her naked and she was not to have had seen him in that state either.  Awkward silence filled the room and then she apologized to Fei and told him she would wait outside the room. 
"It's okay, Mrs. Tsui!  I will take care of him!"  The doctor gave an understanding glance to Quin who reciprocated with an understanding nod.
Of course the only person who didn't understand what was happening was Fei.  He couldn't comprehend why the doctor called her Mrs. Tsui.  But he let the matter go, thinking he must have heard wrong.  Though many things didn't make sense, he kept to himself and went into his observant mode again.  But when he heard Quin being referred to as Mrs. Tsui for the third time the next morning after breakfast, he thought about her and the repeated dreams he had of her since he woke from his coma three days ago.  That was when he was hit by another attack in the head.  Luckily, Quin was there and quickly approached his bedside.  She was in wife mode and naturally pulled him in and embraced him against her bosom.  Once again, his pain went away almost immediately and he found himself against her chest in an embrace.  When he realized she wasn't letting go of his head which was resting between her cleavages, he cleared his throat timidly and lifted his index finger and poked gently at her.
Quin finally let go and their eyes met.  For a short moment, she saw a tint of bashfulness in his orbs, but that was soon replaced by spitefulness.
"Is that how psychologists treat their patients in America?"  He snickered.  "No wonder everyone wants to come here!"
When he saw the pain reflected in her eyes, he regretted what he said.  But instead of apologizing, he decided to change the subject.  "Did you get a hold of Chin Chin?  Will she be here today?"
Quin tried to put on a nonchalant expression, but she couldn’t numb the pain in her heart.  She was also trying hard to hide her feelings whenever he asked about Chin Chin.  "She is still in Canada.  I spoke with her last night."
"In Canada?!"  A look of disappointment flashed across his face.  Then out of the blue, he threw an accusation at Quin.  "You’re lying!  You are trying to keep me away from Chin Chin!"
Quin didn’t know how to respond, so she remained quiet and retreated back to the corner of the room and was taking fruits out of a bag when Fei had another one of his silent pain attack in the head.  She noticed he had shifted his attention and was looking out the window at the distant sceneries.  The look on his face was breaking her heart once again because she could tell he was thinking about Chin Chin.  After five minutes of silence, he turned around and surprised her when he looked into her eyes gently for the first time since he woke from the coma.  At first, she thought her husband was back.
"Chin Chin is your good friend, isn’t she?" 
Quin nodded.
"Tell her she didn't have to run away to Canada just because she didn’t want to marry me!”  He gave Quin an uncomprehensive look.  “I just need to hear from her that she is okay!"
Quin gave herself a shot of courage when Fei turned to look out the window again.  "Are you still planning to get married with her?"
He turned to face her again.  Confusion clouded his thoughts, yet a yearning nagged at his heart.  It was a yearning to reach out and hold her because he saw the pain in her needy eyes again.  He couldn’t tell her his true feelings at that instance because he couldn’t understand them himself.  So he could only managed to mutter the words that came to his head.  "A promise is a promise!"

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Quin commuted between her home in Redmond and the hospital in Seattle for the following week as Fei needed further assessment before he could be discharged.  Being trained as a clinical psychologist, and being an assistant to a neurologist, she knew one could not simply tell a patient with Retroactive Amnesia the events that took place over the last five years and expect the patient to instantly be healed with all his memories back.  This would have to be done on the patient’s own term.  Some patients may remember as the brain injury heals, some patient may never recall the past.  However, Dr. Millard and his associates found Fei’s case to be extraordinary because they weren’t able to locate where his injury was from his scans and x-rays.  When he was brought into the hospital in New York on the early hours of September 12, his file records showed he was already in a coma though he had major injuries on his face and body which had healed over the last three months.  Even his right leg injury healed, though he was walking with a slight limp now.  Fei couldn’t remember how he injured his right leg.  Every time he tried to remember things from the past, his head would hurt.

Since he came out of his coma, Fei did his best to adjust to his new surrounding.  Whenever the nurses or doctors tried to bring him up to speed in events that led him to the hospital, he tried his best to comprehend but he was just unable to grasp reality.  Every time he tried, he would experience fits of excruciating pain coming from his head.  The first day he came out of his coma, they had to give him a dose of valium to aid his relief of pain and to help him relax.  However, when he found out what they were giving him, he refused to take anymore the next day.  He told them he would rather endure the pain.

After he was transferred to Seattle General Hospital, Dr. Millard and his associates tried their best to explain to him about his RA condition.  Quin was there with him most of the time, and her presence was the only reality he was able to grasp.  He didn’t know why, but when she wasn’t there, he felt lost and yearned for her.  But he didn’t know she had to be at home tending to their daughter’s needs.  It was a very long and difficult week for Quin.  And when she reflected back to the days she went through since September 11th, she couldn’t decide which was more agonizing for her.  Regardless, she was grateful beyond description that Fei was alive.  Regardless of the current predicament, Quin still felt it was all worth it.

“Quin, would you like for me to tell Fei about you and your daughter?”  Dr. Millard asked after he and his associates had done all their tests and assessment on Fei. 

“Let’s not tell him just yet.  I don’t think he’s ready to handle knowing he is married to me at this time.  Back in 1997 …..”  Quin was about to say she had wanted to kick Fei’s ass and Fei had wanted her gone from his miserable life, but she held back her words.  She gave Dr. Millard a meek smile.  “We weren’t best of friends back then.  In fact, we were anything but friends back then!”

Dr. Millard smiled with understanding.  “Amazing how love changes everything, huh?!”

Knowing the so-called world Fei was living in right now, Quin knew it would be another traumatic experience for him if he were to find out the truth about their relationship at this time.  So far, he took everything that was told to him regarding the last five years as if it was all a story.  Whenever the nurses and doctors weren’t around, all he ever wanted to know from Quin was news about Chin Chin.  He kept asking why Chin Chin was not at the hospital to see him.  Though it broke her heart over and over again, Quin knew Chin Chin still meant the world to him at this time.

“Have you called her yet?  Does she know I am looking for her?”  Fei had pestered her since the first day she told him that Chin Chin was across the border.

Quin had called Chin Chin who was in Canada visiting Nathaniel’s family on the very first day she received news about Fei.  When Chin Chin learned of Fei’s RA condition, she decided to wait until Fei was ready to be discharged before coming to see him.  She had kept in daily contact with Quin via calls and text messages.

“We are coming back tomorrow.  You said Fei is coming home on Friday, right?”  Asked Chin Chin on the phone.

“Yes, if all goes well!”  Quin spoke into her cell phone. “Fei will come home on Friday.”
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Fei was showing excellent progress as far as his physical health was concerned.  He was also growing more and more accustomed to Quin's presence.  He requested for her company during meals and his so-called free time when he was not scheduled for therapy or exams.  It also brought Quin comfort when he showed sign of reluctance whenever she had to be away from the room or the hospital for a few hours to feed their daughter.  Of course Fei didn't know that, she always told him she was leaving to bring back his dinner.

He even started joking with her.  They shared a few awkward moments when he found himself physically close to her, like when his hands accidentally touched hers, or when his head was a few inches from hers.  There were even two incidents when his lips were an inch away from hers, so close he could feel her breath.  What scared him most during the second incident was how tempted he was to kiss her when their eyes locked, yet he didn't feel like it was a temptation but that he had naturally done so many times before.  But he backed away because he couldn't remember when.  And Quin could see in his eyes that something had triggered in his memory during those moments. 

When Quin was getting ready to leave the hospital on the afternoon before the day of his discharge, she was surprised when he asked if their relationship was strictly professional. 

"Why do you say that?"  Quin's heart took a leap and her smile revealed hope that perhaps he was starting to remember.

"You stayed here with me over the last three nights!"  He paid close attention to her throat, wanting to observe her reaction.  He was watching to see if she swallowed before responding.  "I'm worried your jealous doctor boyfriend might get the wrong idea about you.  If it were me, I sure wouldn’t want my girlfriend staying overnight at the hospital.  Even if he was only a patient!"

"I don't have a doctor boyfriend!"  Quin gave him an honest smile.  She was thinking whether to say what was on her mind.  'I might have a jealous husband!'  However, she decided it was not the time to mention the hubby thingy yet.

Fei noticed she didn't swallow but was quick to answer him.  Surprised, he found himself delighted by her news and a timid smile escaped.  "Really?!"

She nodded with a smile.  "Are you getting tired of me already?  You don't want me to sleep here with you anymore?"

He was overcome by the urgency to not piss her off so he blurted without thinking.  "No!  I feel safe when you are sleeping next to me!" 

As soon as Quin said the words, she knew her statement didn't come out right in so many aspects.  Fei also realized what he said was so very inappropriate if taken out of context.  He turned bashful for reasons he didn't even know why.  Then they started laughing the awkwardness dispersed.  After the laughter subsided, Quin thought she would test the water a bit deeper.

"So would you like me to come back tonight or would you rather I stay home?"

His expression turned ambiguous and he just shrugged his shoulders to say he didn't care either way.  But it was obvious he wanted her back when he asked.  "What will you bring me for dinner tonight?"

"What would you like?"

He thought about it for a moment and then he gave her a boyish grin.  "My favourite dinner!"

Quin didn’t know it at the time, but his request was a test to see how well she understood him and to convince himself he was thinking too much into their relationship.

That evening, when she brought in a tiny rice cooker to his hospital room, he was torn between his feelings for her.  He told himself Quin would never have taken him to be boyfriend or husband material.  He knew he was no angel by the way he had treated her in his memories of their past.  And when she took out two bags of the Number One Brand - Sapporo Ichiban - the only brand of instant noodles she allowed him to eat, he was pretty sure their relationship was beyond professional.  But it irked him so much that he couldn’t figure out her role.  And whenever he suspected her role as his wife, he refused to believe it was the case.

They ate dinner together and Fei was in a good mood and was very chatty.  Then Chin Chin paged Quin and she excused herself to the area in the hospital where she could return the call.  Upon her return, his pleasant mood vanished and he asked her bluntly.  "Was that Chin Chin?"  And when Quin nodded, he turned even grouchier.  "Why didn't you let me speak with her?"

"The reception here is really bad.  I couldn't hear her properly."  Quin had to make up an excuse because the truth was Chin Chin wasn't ready to talk to him.  She didn't know how to keep the truth away from him should he ask why she disappeared 6 years ago. 

Then Fei went into his contemplative mode and remained silent for about an hour before he asked Quin the quaintest question she had ever heard from him.  “Did Chin Chin fall in love with a woman?  Is that why she disappeared?”


Seeing Quin’s shocking reaction, he went on.  “I remember finding out my cousin’s husband left her because he fell in love with a transvestite who used to be a dancer as well. I just need to know why she disappeared on the day we were supposed to get married!”

Quin couldn’t stifle her chuckle, but she soon stopped because she could tell from his face that he didn’t find it funny at all.  Then it saddened her to know her husband was still boggled by his ex-girlfriend’s disappearance. 

However, Quin made a promise to Chin Chin not to tell Fei about her abduction unless he got his memory back.  But now, Quin was thinking she might have to break that promise in the near future when she needed to tell him the truth about his current family.  For now, she could only offer one piece of information to him.

“No, Chin Chin is not in love with a woman!  She is very straight!”
The night before his discharge from the hospital, Fei was looking through the wallet which Quin had absentmindedly handed him when he asked for it earlier that afternoon.  She had completely forgotten that Fei would have no memory of this wallet and she didn’t think how the content of the wallet would impact him.

But Fei recognized some of his ‘old’ IDs.  Looking through the new ones, he had no idea why they were there.  But he couldn’t deny they were his because they all had his name and picture, especially the FBI batch.  He wasn’t even sure if the batch was authentic.  Another thing that puzzled him was the current address on his American Driver’s License and of course the issuing year 2000.  Since he was admitted to Seattle General, he tried to think in terms of what Dr. Millard and all the other specialists had told him about the current year.  But every time he tried, he ended up being in so much pain that he gave up.  However, fearing they would inject him with drugs like valium again, he kept the pain to himself.
Though he was able to fool the doctors and nurses, Quin could tell he was suffering and had gone back to closing himself up again, just like he did when she first met him nearly five years ago.  When he was emotionally unavailable and had kept all his thoughts and feelings to himself.  She watched from the corner of the room as he looked through his wallet trying to make sense of all the cards he was shuffling through.  Her heart was sore and her own brain was pounding and beating at all nerve endings as she wished so much for the ability to get into his head to set him free from this amnesia.

Quin noticed Fei did a double take and his eyes widened a bit.  She happened to glance at a nearby reflection that he was looking at the photo of Lemon-B taken with him when she was one-month old.  Though he didn’t know who she was, he couldn’t help but noticed that her eyes looked very familiar.  Then he looked up and saw Quin.  She was looking at him from the far corner of the room.  He thought the baby resembled her as well.  He had to look three times to confirm his thoughts were correct.

Throughout the week, he noticed quite a few staffs and doctors greeting Quin as Mrs. Tsui.  There was one day when he tried to analyze why she was greeted with that title and he was hit with a sharp penetrating pain in his head.  So much so he almost asked for the shot of valium himself.  But when he pressed his head hard between his two arms, the throbbing pain subsided.

At this moment, seeing that Quin was still looking at him, he held up his wallet with the photo.  “Who is this?”

Quin didn’t come closer to see who it was, but she came closer to make sure he was able to handle the truth she was about to tell him.  Looking into his eyes, she told him.  “She’s your daughter!”

He was stunned, in a dumbfounded way.  He looked at the picture and then at Quin again.  He could tell Quin was absolutely serious.  Swear to God that kind of serious!  Embracing himself for the pain to strike any seconds now, he was actually surprised when nothing happened.   

Thinking that Fei would most likely not be able to take the news well, Quin didn’t take her eyes off his.  But when he remained calm, she thought perhaps there was a breakthrough and he was able to remember Lemon-B.  But she soon realized that was just her wishful thinking.

“Did I adopt her?”

“No,” Quin contemplated whether she should reveal another fact about their baby.  When Fei’s gaze was fixated with hers for the next 10 seconds, she decided she would.  “I gave birth to her!”

Quin thought she was about to hear the drums roll, then the heavens would open up and a host of angels would sing “Hallelujah!”  And Fei would be back in the new Millennium and they would go home tomorrow and be united with Lemon-B as a family again.

Nope, that did not happen.

“Sorry, come again?”  Fei repeated this twice before Quin was drawn back to reality.  “What did you say?”

“I said I gave birth to her,” Quin repeated and held her breath, hoping her husband’s delicate mind wouldn’t flip or snap.

Fei gave out a mirthless laugh.  It was a tad too hard and his head started to hurt again.  This was the same penetrating pain when he tried to figure out why people were addressing his psychologist as Mrs. Tsui.  He placed his two arms on his head to subside the pain.  He tried to understand this was 2001, the only way he managed to do that was to pretend he was abducted by aliens and was living in some Sci-Fi world.  Surprisingly, that actually worked for him and the pain went away in less than 30 seconds.  Then he looked deep into Quin’s eyes again.  “You gave birth to my daughter?”  Of course, he had to emphasize on the possessive pronoun.

Quin nodded and let go of the breath she was holding.

Fei softened up a little.  “Is that why everyone is calling you Mrs. Tsui?”

“No, they call me Mrs. Tsui because you asked me to marry you.”  Quin laid it out plain and simple.  When Fei gave her a questioning look, she decided to present him with the truth.  “And I said yes.”
After taking in what Quin just told him about their relationship, Fei was hit by another attack.  Although it was a short one, it expended all his energy and he soon fell asleep.
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The next morning, Fei greeted Quin with a smile when she entered his room.  Her spirit was raised upon seeing his bright smile but soon crashed when she asked why he was so happy.

"Today is discharge day and I finally get to see Chin Chin, right?!"

Right!  Quin nodded with a forced smile and accepted the fact that he had forgotten everything about last night’s revelation.  Throughout the day, she wished she had a punching bag to release some of the frustration that was accumulating inside her.

By early afternoon, Quin had completed all the paper work for the medical center, so she made her way to her car with Fei's belongings and the compilation of medical information given by Dr. Millard and the team of specialists.  She also moved her car to the patient pick-up area.  On her way back to the room, she ran into Dr. Millard.

"How did it go this morning when Fei woke up?  Was he able to remember Lemon-B and you?"  As soon as he asked the question, he could tell Quin's answer from the expression on her face.  "That bad, huh?"

"Yeah, he doesn't seem to remember anything before the attack last night."  Quin sighed. 

"Is he excited about going home?"  Dr. Millard was hoping to touch on something positive for Quin, but he soon realized he touched on a very sore spot instead.

"He's been excited all day about seeing his ‘girlfriend’ again!"  Quin told him.  "I'm not sure what's going to happen when we get home.  He might not be willing to stay there.  We might have to move back to Hong Kong."

"What do you mean?"  Dr. Millard was confused by her apprehensive tone. "I thought he knows he now lives in Redmond.  We discussed about it over the last three days!  He even asked me yesterday."

"He seemed to have forgotten since last night's attack after I told him we were married.  It doesn't look like he remembered talking about our daughter either."  Quin gave another sigh. 

Dr. Millard gave her a pat on her shoulder for support and comfort.  "Maybe seeing Lemon-B will trigger something."  Then he gave her shoulder a squeeze and smiled.  "You know how the saying goes. Fatherhood can change a man!"

"I can only hope so!"  Quin gave a weak smile.

"That's all it takes!  Fei is a special man, I believe he will find his way back to us!"  Dr. Millard gave her a send-off hug.  "I'll come by after my meeting with W.H.O!" 

After saying good-bye to Dr. Millard, Quin went to the cafeteria to pick up some snacks in case they might get stuck in rush hour traffic.  When she got to his room, he was sitting on his side of the bed and greeted her with a pout.

"You said you'd be back in 15 minutes!"  He stood up and looked at his watch.  "You were gone for 30 minutes!" 

Quin was trying hard not to get agitated by his comment.  For some unexplainable reason, it seemed he had been trying to annoy her all morning and afternoon.  At first she thought he was having a difficult time accepting the reality that she was his wife.  But after breakfast, when he asked her if she thought Chin Chin would still be interested in marrying him after his accident and losing his memory, she knew he was still checked out from reality.   It seemed that the week of therapy at the medical clinic was only able to get him to accept the fact that he had been in an accident and had lost a portion of his memory. 

Quin knew Fei was still struggling with reality and she believed he was doing his best to come to terms with the accident and the part about losing 5 years of his memory.  But that didn't make it easier for her when all he cared about throughout the entire day was Chin Chin this and Chin Chin that.  He even asked if Chin Chin had found a new boyfriend to which Quin responded it was better for Chin Chin to tell him the answer in person.  He pestered her a few more times for the answer, but eventually gave up when she wouldn't continue to entertain him.  Quin left the room every time he tried.

"Okay, I won't ask you if Chin Chin has a new boyfriend anymore!"  He quickly added when Quin gave him a sigh when he told her she was away for 30 minutes.  "You don't have to tell me the answer.  Just don't leave me alone in the room for so long!"

She let out a bigger sigh but it was a sigh of relief and surrender because her heart became soft all over again by the hush puppy expression he gave her.  She finally smiled.  "Well, the next time I leave this room, I'm not coming back!"

He looked utterly forsaken and Quin wanted so much to embrace him and let him know she would never leave him or forsake, no matter what.  Just then a nurse entered their room with a wheelchair.

"Ah!  Here is your ride!"  Quin announced to Fei.

"Me?!"  He didn't take the announcement well.  "Why do I need a wheelchair?  I can walk and run!  Probably faster then the two of you!"

"Standard hospital discharge procedures!"  The nurse stated, pointing for Fei to get into the seat.

"I'm not sitting in a wheelchair!"  Fei sat back down on the bed.

Quin started to pick up her belongings.  "Fine!  You can stay here, but I am leaving and I'm not coming back!"

As soon as he saw her gathering her things to leave, he pretty much jumped off his bed and walked towards the wheelchair.  But instead of sitting in it, he grabbed the handles and twirl the equipment around.  "Quin!  You are the one who needs the wheelchair!"

"Me?!  Why me?!"  Quin was startled.

"Just before lunch, I heard Dr. Anderson say you are at a point of exhaustion!"  He gestured for her to sit down in the wheelchair like a gentleman, an image which reminded Quin of the time when Fei sat her down before he proposed with a song.  "Please!"

Touched that he cared about her well-being, she accepted his offer and sat in the wheelchair and allowed him to push her through the corridors.  It worked out well because the nurses, doctors and some of the patients were there to shake his hands and gave him send-off hugs. Finally, when they got to the car, he asked for the keys.

"Why?  You're not driving!"  Quin pointed him to the passenger side.

"Of course I am!  Last I remember, you can’t even change your car’s tire!  Besides, I have never been driven by a woman!"  Fei argued and then realized his comment was quite sexist.  "I mean ... your eyes ... never-mind!"  He knew he was fighting a losing battle because it suddenly dawn on him that he didn't know where he was.  So he settled into the passenger seat.

Quin and the nurse exchanged an amused grin.  Then Quin told the nurse.  "That was true!  He used to fix my car, changed the tires and chauffeured me around."  Then she leaned in to whisper softly.  "He used to drive me crazy too!  Now he's going to do the same again!"

"Hey!  I heard that!"  He poked his head out from the car and gave her a glare behind his sunglasses.
So Quin drove Fei home to Redmond in the early afternoon.  Up until last night, the only person he was eager to see was Chin Chin.  However, he was apprehensive about their reunion today.  For the whole week since he found out Chin Chin was in Canada, he was filled with mixed emotions.  He wanted to know why she had disappeared on him the day they were to get married, yet he was angry that she had come to North America and not be bothered to inform him all this time for which he had searched frantically for her like a mad dog.
However, standing in front of Chin Chin, he had forgotten all his anger and embraced her like old times.  This was the very first close-up physical contact he had since he woke from the coma.  He was just elated to have her in his arms again.  His emotions were overbearing and though Chin Chin was asked by Quin to play along, it wasn’t difficult because she was truly happy to see Fei alive and well.

Seeing Chin Chin in the arms of her husband, Quin had to pull herself aside and turned to look outside.  After a few seconds, she walked out of the house.  It was one thing to have her husband back alive, however strong she was, she just couldn’t tolerate anymore pain watching her husband holding another woman in his arms.  Especially when Quin could tell his heart was still very much in love with Chin Chin. 

Not long after she stepped out of the house, Aaron pulled his car up next to her car.  Quin had her two arms on the front hood of her car and Aaron watched as her knees slowly lowered her to a kneeling position and his heart went out to her as he watched her sobbed into her two palms that were covering her face.

Inside the house, Fei released Chin Chin and started to look around the room and could tell he was no stranger to every pair of eyes looking at him, however, he didn’t know who they were.  They didn’t care, especially Bui Yee, who just came forward and hugged him.  Then Mr. Mo did the same, followed by Nathaniel.

Fei spent the next few minutes associating himself with the people as well as the house itself.  He couldn’t understand it himself, but there was a sense of familiarity about the house.  It was almost like a déjà vu to him that he had been here before.  Yet, his mind couldn’t conjure up any memories of being here.  Though Chin Chin was next to him, he didn’t feel the level of comfort that he felt when Quin was with him.  Since he woke up in Seattle General, Quin’s presence brought him comfort, though he never revealed it to her.  Whenever she wasn’t around, he felt a tad frantic to be by himself in a strange environment, alone in a strange country.  He was starting to feel that way when he couldn’t find Quin in his surrounding.  Moments later, when Quin entered the house with Aaron, the expression on his face was so apparent that he did not like what he was seeing.

God Will Make a Way by Don Moen