Chapter 28 - Back for Good

Kwan woke up to the gentle touches on her cheeks and smiled at Fei.  Soon their smooching started again.  Just before things got too heated, she pulled away and asked her husband dreamingly. “Guess what I feel like eating?”

With a grin, he gave her a mischievious smile.  “So soon?”  Then he leaned in to kiss her again. 

Kwan knew right away he misinterpreted what she wanted to eat.  Though she couldn’t get enough of his kisses and wanted nothing but to taste his sweetness all night, she couldn’t.  Truly she was really, really, hungry.  For real food!

“Fei, I’m serious!  I am really hungry, and we need to eat!”  Kwan pushed him away and made him get out of bed.  “Can you quickly put on some clothes to go out and buy some Siu Mai home?” (Steam Pork Dumplings)

Fei glanced at the alarm clock which read 9:45 pm.  “Where am I going to find Siu Mai at this hour?”

She pouted and whined like a helpless baby.  “You’re a trained FBI agent.  That’s your job to find out things like that!”

Fei finally surrendered, but not without grumbling as he headed towards the ensuite. “Yes, I am an FBI agent who hunts down Siu Mai joints in Hong Kong in the middle of the night!” 

Kwan smiled as she pulled the blankets over her body and lay back against her pillows.  She had on a dreamy joyful expression as she reminisced and recalled Fei’s facial expression when she stepped out into the dark hallway with Chin Chin in his arms. It was truly a Kodak moment she would forever remember.

He turned and saw Kwan’s sleepy eyes looking at him.  Then they grew bigger with shock and confusion.  “This is the surprise you have for me?! You and Chin Chin!”

Fei panicked and quickly let go of Chin Chin as if she was a leper.  Then he dashed towards Kwan. But she resisted his embrace just enough to keep him anxious.  “Why do you have to be so cruel to me?  You could have just kissed Chin Chin somewhere else.  Why our home?!”

“No, I didn’t kiss her!”  Fei was finally able to pull Kwan into his arms.  “My surprise is …! Didn’t you get my message?”

Kwan pretended she didn’t hear his question and gave him an interrogating look.  And when he put his head down with a deep sigh of frustration, she quickly gave Chin Chin a ‘thank you’ wink.  Then she went back to her play-acting.  “Chin Chin said she wants you back!”
Fei held on to his wife and looked straight into her now playful eyes.  “No, she didn’t say that!  She was just going to let me stay with her if you kick me out tonight.”

“And if I don’t want you back?”  Kwan challenged him.

“Then I’m going to join the monastery and become a monk for the rest of my life!”  Immediately after saying it, he realized this was the second time he said those words.  Both times were for fear that Kwan would not reconcile with him.

Kwan turned and gave Chin Chin a smile.  “Can you picture him bald for the next 50 years?”

Chin Chin chuckled and shook her head.
And that was the Kodak moment Kwan would remember for the rest of her life.  It was that helpless timid expression Fei had when he realized he had just been made the object of teasing by his wife and Chin Chin. 

Then Fei hugged Kwan so tight she felt for the first time ever that her husband had such a deep wanting desire for her.  Kwan knew with certainty then that he truly loved her; just as he had told her on the message he left on her cell just before he left their home in Baltimore to board his flight.  At that time, Kwan couldn’t retrieve the message until her plane landed at SeaTac Airport for a detour transit.  By then, Fei’s flight had already taken off and there was no way for her to reach him.  

When Fei finally released his hold on her, Kwan turned to give Chin Chin a hug.  “Thanks for meeting Fei at the airport for me!” 

“Anytime!”  Then Chin Chin took a good look at Kwan.  “Your hair is so long now!”

“Yeah, it’s called poor oversea student lifestyle.  No money for haircuts or perm!”  Kwan stated jokingly.

“But you look very tired!  Was the flight full of turberlance?”  Chin Chin asked with concern when Kwan kept smoothing her chest as if she got indigestion.  She also noticed a strange scent from Kwan’s body.  “I can smell the White Flower Oinment!”

When Fei agreed and showed concerned, Kwan did her best to avoid eye contact with him.  So she turned towards the sofa.  “Yeah, it’s my new perfume!  The whole flight experience was terrible!”  Kwan didn’t want to let on that there was no turberlance during the long flight, but that her discomfort was caused by something else.  “I couldn’t really sleep and didn’t eat anything on the flight!”

“I bought you some buns from the bakery!”  After seating his wife down on the sofa, Fei headed to the kitchen.

“Then it’s time for me to leave you two love birds alone!”  Chin Chin teased and started gathering her belongings to leave.

“You don’t have to leave so soon!”  Kwan interjected.  “I’m feeling better now!”

Fei came out of the kitchen with the Maxim box of pastries.  “Don’t you want to stay for cheese cake?”

“It’s okay!  It’s not like I need it!”  Chin Chin gestured to her phone.  “Nathaniel just got done with his last client!  He’ll be here soon!”

“Well then you better not keep him waiting too long!”  Fei teased and walked her to the door.

Just as Chin Chin was about to walk out the door, Kwan noticed the gift bag from The New York City Ballet was still sitting on the dining table.  “Chin Chin, don’t forget the gift Fei got you!”

Fei directed his gaze to where Kwan was pointing and blurted eagerly.  “No, that one is for you!”
Fei was putting his trousers on for his mission to hunt down a Dim Sum joint to please his wife when his cell phone rang.  It was Chi Shan.  He told Fei that the whole gang would like to visit them tonight if they were not too tired.  Fei looked at Quin who was still in bed with a smile on her face.  “Are you up for company tonight?”

“Sure, why not?!”  Kwan spoke in her usual cheerful self.

Before he responded, he heard Korean in the background saying he didn’t think Fei would be the type to ask his wife for permission in anything.  Then Fei chuckled when he heard Gigi scolding him and telling him to learn from Fei’s example. 

“My darling wife said okay on the condition that you guys bring her some Siu Mai!”  Fei saw Kwan gasped in surprise at his wit and he chuckled at her expression while listening to something Chi Shan said.  “I don’t know where! I just got back!  Hong Kong is your territory!  Not mine!”

An hour later, Chi Shan and his unit showed up with more food that expected.  After a welcome back hug for the couple, Chi Shan said to Fei.  “You must have African blood in you, after being in America for nearly six months, you still look black!”

“It’s called tan, my friend!”  Fei spoke with an instructional tone.  “Not black!”

Fei’s attempt to sound like an expert in the English language brought about further bantering and laughter.  While the unit was putting out the food they brought, Kwan excused herself to use the bathroom to apply some White Flower ointment on her chest.  When she returned and was seated at the dining table, Gigi noticed the familiar scent of the ointment.  She also watched as Kwan pushed some of the food further away from herself.  

“Kwan, no appetite?  It must have been from the long flight.” 

But before Kwan could answer Gigi, Fei sat down next to her and was holding a box with dim sum logo.  Kwan felt her appetite just came back.

Gigi called out to Fei.  “Why don’t you give Kwan some of those ‘Sour Plum Candies’ (金梅片) you used to eat all the time!”

Fei placed the Dim Sum box in front of his wife and answered Gigi at the same time.  “I haven’t eaten those for a long time!  I believe I gave the the last ones to you, didn’t I?”

Kwan was oblivious to the conversation around her because a force of nature inside her was demanding her to open the box in front of her immediately.  And when she did, her face lit up as if she saw a treasure chest full of gold when all it was were eight pieces of Siu Mai dumplings.

Chi Shan said to Fei.  “Really, you used to eat those ‘Sour Plum Candies’ all the time!”

“Yah, and you wouldn’t let anyone touch that tin box of yours!”  Korean added and pointed to Kwan.  “Maybe except for Ms. Mo!”

Just then, everyone’s attention turned towards Kwan who was putting a whole round dumpling into her mouth.  Fei chuckled at the sight of his wife’s delightful ‘plumb’ face.  Then he turned and said to everyone.  “Life is no longer tasteless.  I don’t need ‘Sour Plums’ to help with my digestion anymore!”

“Really? Since when?”  Chi Shan’s challenged was more of a tease, since he pretty much knew the answer already.

Kwan popped another dumpling into her mouth with delight.  “Hmmm…this tastes so good!”

Everyone turned to look at her again.  This time they couldn’t believe she was trying to chew three dumplings in her mouth at the same time.  Kwan turned and saw Fei looking at her with an amused expression.  She thought her husband was waiting for an explanation, so she tried to give one with the three dumplings still in her mouth.  “What?!  I told you I am really hungry!”
Fei chuckled and pulled his wife close and then answered Chi Shan’s question.  “Since I met her, life is much sweeter.  She’s my Sugar Plum Fairy, that’s why I no longer need sour plum candies.”

Back for Good - by Take That