Chapter 27 - Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

When Kwan learned of her unexpected flight changes back in New York due to delays caused by the snowstorm, she called her family and told them not to bother coming to the airport.  Her original flight that was supposed to take around 18 hours turned out to be a total of 42 hours with the delays and flight changes.  However, she thought her new flight schedule would arrive in Hong Kong around the same time as Fei’s flight but that was determined not to happen just before she caught the last segment of her journey from a detour to Seattle.  So when she didn’t see her husband or Chin Chin at the Arrival Hall in Hong Kong, she caught a taxi to her new home by herself.  Riding in the cab with a rather heavy heart, she thought it was rather coincidental when the song Where Do Broken Hearts Go started playing on the radio.  She prayed and hoped this was not a foretelling to prepare her heart for the inevitable separation from Fei.

As soon as she opened the door to the apartment, she saw Fei’s luggage next to the entrance way.  Instantly she felt at peace knowing he had arrived home safely.  It also comforted her to know he still considered their new apartment as his home.  She called out for him, but it was obvious no one was there.  She brought in her own luggages and locked the door behind her. 

Her nausea and physical tiredness led her to quickly rest on the sofa immediately.  Soon memories of the new home brought on a sense of nostalgia which made her eyes misty.   Over the past week and a half, she had missed Fei so terribly much, yet she refused to let him know that.  She wasn’t sure if Fei meant it when he called it quits; but when he never called her, she feared they were heading towards divorce.  However, her own pride also kept her from calling him, and she was more than willing to let that go now.

Feeling a rush of energy, she picked up the phone and dialed her husband’s cell phone which she then found ringing from the bathroom.  When she called Chin Chin, the voicemail came on and so she left a message to say she was home.  After that, she decided to unpack and did the same for Fei.  When she was done, she brought out all the gifts and souvenirs and placed them on the dining table.  Turning around, she saw the bag with The New York City Ballet logo on the shelf by the TV.  Taking a peep inside the opened bag, she gave a surrendering sigh and placed it on the dining table with the rest of the gift items.  Exhaustion overtook her again and after a quick shower, she headed to the bedroom for her much needed sleep.
45 minutes into her nap, she was woken by sound of footsteps going down along the corridor.  For the first few moments, she felt disoriented and wondered where she was.  Then it all came back to her.   She heard the flushing of the toilet and then running water from the bathroom from across her room.  Shortly after, footsteps were heard going towards the living room.  She sat up and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table which read 7:57pm.  The room was dark except for the beam of light coming through from under the edge of the door.  She wondered who had closed it because she remembered leaving it unclosed so she would be able hear when Fei returned. When she heard his voice, she got out of bed and headed for the door.  Then Chin Chin’s voice came in from the living room. 

“What is this?” 

“Don’t say I didn’t buy you a souvenir!”  Fei handed the gift bag to Chin Chin who took a quick peek inside the bag.     

“Fei, you are so sweet!  This is so cute!”  Chin Chin gave him a kiss on the cheek and threw her arms around him for a warm hug. “That’s why I would let you come back anytime!”

He reciprocated with a bear hug.


Fei turned and saw his wife stepping out of the dark hallway with sleepy eyes. 

“Kwan!”  A panicky expression came across his face when he realized Chin Chin was still in his arms.  At that instant, he didn’t know if time took them back to the past or thrusted them into the future.  But after some exchange of words, he was brought back to the immediate present.  Soon after, one of the women gathered all her belongings and left the apartment.

Then he reached for the woman who stayed behind and walked her to the bedroom.  After a mountain top experience under the bed sheets, he told her how very much he had missed her and how much he had yearned for her company.  Whatever the future would bring, he wanted her promise to be there for him as he would for her.  No spoken words were needed for their eyes and pinky crossing communicated their promise to each other.  Their physical intimacy grew with the intensity of their body heat.  His kisses came rushing, yet they were tender to her lips and she responded in ways that drove his desire for her to a maddening level.  While they remained as one in body, soul and mind, he looked at her with loving eyes.  She laid still and drank in all his essence. 

“Do you remember when I said I wanted you to be the only woman holding the key to my house?”  Fei asked and she nodded in response.  “I have always wanted you as my wife.  You know that, right?”

She nodded again.
Tonight, Fei found his motivation for living again.  It was to love this woman who was asleep in his arms, and wholeheartedly he would love her.  Tonight, she had given him her forever for the third time.  First was her forever friendship, followed by her forever love and now a forever home.  No matter what life would bring from now on, he knew he could always find his way home because of her promises. 

He turned his head to look at the gift he gave her, the one he bought from The New York City Ballet, the one he held onto throughout the duration of his flight from Baltimore.  As he stole glances between the woman sleeping in his arms and the Sugar Plum Fairy doll, the muscles near his lips twitched upwards and a smile escaped.  He thought his sleeping beauty looked very ‘plumb’, very much like the doll.  He caressed her cheek gently and whispered.  “You have gained some weight since I last saw you!”

Where Do Broken Hearts Go - by Whitney Houston