Chapter 7

Sometimes When We Touch

Kwan was in her room packing when she heard Bui Yee and her dad trying to decide who of the two should try to change her mind about leaving Hong Kong.  She opened her door and caught their surprised reaction.  She laughed when they both stood there looking very embarrassed as if they were caught in the act or something. 
“What happened?  Am I intruding on the two of you being intimate?”  Kwan looked at Bui Yee and asked teasingly. “Was Dad trying to kiss you?”

The smitten Bui Yee pushed her husband away and blushed.  “Oh no, we are already so old, we don’t do such things.”
“You got to be kidding!  There is no age limit for that!”  Kwan laughed. 
Mr. Mo pushed Bui Yee towards Kwan’s room to disallow the subject for being further discussed.  “You two have a nice woman to woman talk.”  Then he disappeared to his den. 
Bui Yee entered her room and noticed a box of miscellaneous items on the chair.  She looked inside and saw a few stuff animals, photo frames, a bottle filled with folded paper stars. “What are these?”  Fumbling through the items, she saw the diary Fei gave her sitting at the bottom of the box.
“Oh, just some items for the children at the hospital.”  Kwan said casually.  “No point having them here collecting dust.”​
Bui Yee sat down next to her on the bed.  “So things between you and Fei are truly over?  You’re not giving him another chance even if things don’t turn out between Chin Chin and him?  What if he realizes he loves you more?”
Kwan was prepared for this question.  She had asked herself this question in her

head, in her heart, and sometimes even in her sleep over the last six months. 
She had played the role of a psychologist on herself and was convinced the
decision she made to walk away from this relationship was indeed the right
choice.  She just didn’t anticipate it would take so long for her to get over her
feelings for him.  She looked at Bui Yee and said with certainty in her voice. 
“I cannot be with someone who loves me more.  I want a husband who will love
me only.”

Chi Shan opened the door and there stood Bui Yee and Mr. Mo.  Then everyone in the apartment let out a loud sound of relief as they came out from their hiding places.
“Is everyone else here yet?” Bui Yee asked Chi Shan.
“You two are the last to arrive,” said Chi Shan.
“And late too,” added Ah Man.
“Yeah, we thought it was Ms. Mo.”  Gigi added.
“Well, she would need to call your intercom to get inside.” reasoned Mr. Mo.
“We didn’t hear anyone when we answered the phone.  That’s why we thought it was her.”  Ah Kit interjected.
Bui Yee and Mr. Mo made a guilty as charged gesture.  Mr. Mo apologized.  “Sorry, we didn’t wait because someone Bui Yee knew happened to arrive and let us in.”
Chin Chin went back to her spot and looked out the window.  “Hey, that looks like Kwan walking down the parking lot.”
Korean, Bui Yee, and Ah Yuk rushed to the window and confirmed it was her.  They all scrambled nervously and got to their hiding places once again.  This time, their effort was successful as Kwan was shocked to see the empty quiet apartment suddenly busted forth with cheers and laughter from familiar faces that belonged to friends and family of hers.  She was touched and tears from mixed emotions started to cloud her eyes as she went around giving hugs to people in the room.
After hugging Chi Shan, she asked him.  “Who talked you into doing this for me?”  She looked at Ah Man and Chin Chin who were both smiling radiantly for being able to achieve the element of surprise on her.
“We all wanted to do this.  Four years is a long time to be away.”  Chi Shan added. 
“That’s right, and you kept turning us down when we asked you out for lunch or dinner.”  Ah Man added.
“Yeah, I didn’t even get a chance to return your CD.”  Chin Chin added. 
Then Kwan noticed the young man standing next to her.  “And this is?
“Hi Ms. Mo,” the young man extended his hand to her. “I’m Nathaniel.  It’s nice to meet you for the first time, but pity to have to say farewell already.”
Everybody laughed at the irony.  Kwan shook his hand.  “Nice to meet you too, Nathaniel.  Call me Kwan or Quin, please.”
Chin Chin noticed Kwan was smiling at her.  “Yes, I took your advice and decided to dance as well.”
“I’m really glad,” said Kwan.  “If one day you come to New York to perform, I will be the first to purchase a ticket.”

For the next hour, though Kwan tried to busy herself by entertaining the guests who came in her honor, she could not help wondering why Fei was not among the crowd.  She didn’t want to ask because she already knew the answer the last time she saw him.  That was three days ago when he waited for her at the parking lot of her home.  When he learned of her plans, he was upset for two reasons.  One was that he was the last to know, it made it worst that he did not receive the news from her but from Korean.  Second, he did not like the idea of her going to Baltimore.  The last thing he said to her that night before turning away had troubled her since.  
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The doorbell rang and Chi Shan opened the door to Fei wearing a grumpy face.  Chi Shan stood in the middle of the entrance on purpose.  “So you are finally man enough to show up.  But tonight, we don’t allow frowns to enter, only smiles are allowed.”
Fei gave him a deadly glare and his body language was a warning to step aside or else be prepared for damage at owner’s risk.  Heeding the warning, Chi Shan stepped aside to let him in.  It didn’t take long for Fei’s presence to be noticed and welcomed.  As soon as he entered, Kwan noticed he had to force a smile on his face.  When he was done with the charade of greetings, he went and grabbed a plate of food and stepped outside to the balcony alone.
“If you don’t relax and put on a real smile, you’re going to need a facial massage tomorrow,” Kwan walked up next to him.
Surprised by her presence at first, he tensed up even more.  After swallowing his food, he looked into her eyes. “Would my real smile make you stay?”
Kwan watched him take another bite of food.  She decided to stay jovial and asked.  “Do you still love me?”
Fei choked at the question and looked to see if she was serious.  She smiled because she already knew the answer. 
“That’s why I can’t stay.”  Kwan saw him put his plate down on the table and so she turned to walk away.
“Kwan!” He grabbed her arm and pulled her into a tight embrace.

Sometimes When We Touch

by Dan Hill