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aleiyawrite - droplets of happiness for the heart

Canon Dabble

Father's Day Gift

Part 1 – June 2014

In the Tsui’s Household, when the children were still very young, Fei and Quin would be the sole instigator when it came to celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Knowing how fanatic her mother was about The World Cup, Lemon-B had volunteered to take over that role for this year’s Father’s Day celebration.

“Mom, I’m old enough to plan all the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day from now on!”  She said to her mother with a big cheeky smile last month.

Thus, last week, just before dinner, Quin heard voices from her youngest son’s bedroom.  Curious, she knocked and opened the door without waiting for a respond.  She was touched to see her three children huddled around Dede’s computer in a harmonious fashion.  Lemon-B and Boy-boy had their own iPad with them as well.  It seemed they were doing some top secret research on the Internet.  (Yes, they each have their own personal desktop and iPad.  But don’t worry.   Fei has a personal server at home which monitors all Internet traffic under maximum security with super advance parental settings that has not been made available to the world yet.)

As soon as Quin started towards them, Lemon-B and Boy-boy rushed over to block her from approaching.  “Go away Mom!”  Lemon-B shouted and pushed her towards the door.  Boy-boy grabbed her arm and practically dragged her out the door.  “Mom!  You can’t come in here!  Can’t you read the sign on the door!  No Parents Allowed!”

The door shut and that was when she noticed the sign for the first time.  Befuddlement overcame her suddenly as she stood in the hallway.  She wasn’t upset or anything, but she pretended to be.  She shouted back through the closed door.  “But I’m your mother!”


Then the door opened and out poked Lemon-B’s head.  She shushed her mother and nodded a cue that Dad was in his den across the hall.  She whispered in her mother’s ear.  “We’re planning a surprise for Father’s Day!”

“Oh…”  Quin shrugged an ‘apology’ for being so loud and for intruding.  She made a hush puppy face and whispered back.  “Can I be in on the surprise?”


The door shut closed in front of her again.  Quin made a sigh, a happy one.  Looking at the sign the children made, she shook her head and smiled.  She turned around and headed down the hall towards her husband’s den.  Upon reaching the door, she made a surrendering sigh and chuckled.  She mumbled to herself.  “Like father, like children!” 

She turned around and as she headed back to the kitchen to get dinner ready, she recalled the different signs that had went up on door of the den throughout the years as the children grew up.   A smile surfaced from her heart, a reflection of the love she has for her children and their father.

Little did the children know that somebody was observing them.  Not only did he see what they did to their mother, he also heard what was whispered to her as well.







Part 2 – The Shopping

As requested earlier, Quin drove her children to Costco right after school.  The children had pre-arranged for an auntie who worked there to take them in and they made their mother wait for them in the car after taking three bills of fifty dollar from her.   After 15 minutes, they came out with a big black garbage bag and loaded it in the trunk and told their mother they had to go home immediately.  Quin tried to find out exactly what her children bought from her friend who took them into Costco but the Auntie had promised the children she would not leak a word. 

After they reached home, the children decided to hide the gift in a place where they figured their father would never look – the refrigerator. 



“Daddy is a mouse.  He sniffs his nose everywhere!”  Quin tried to warn them.

“But Daddy said you’re the cat, and he said you are always at the fridge!  So he won’t go there!”  Lemon-B voiced on behalf of her siblings.


 Part 3 – The Song and the Gift

Early Sunday morning, after a hearty Father’s Day breakfast prepared by Quin, the three children sang and presented their father The K-I-S-S-I-N-G song. 

Mom and Dad sitting in a car … K-I-S-S-I-N-G 
First comes love, then comes marriage,
Then comes Lemon-B in the baby carriage 
Sucking her thumb,

Wetting her pants, 
Doing the hula-hula dance.

Both Fei and Quin were laughing as they watched their three children dance and sing.  Fei couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off the celebration.  He said to his wife.  “This is a lot better than watching the World Cup Opening Ceremony!” 


Quin agreed. 


Then Fei was presented with his gift.  Yes, the one that was in the fridge, the one that the ‘mouse’ tried to sniff yesterday when the ‘cat’ caught him red handed.  He just didn’t know the cat was a mouse in disguise as well. 


Yesterday, when Quin saw Fei shaking the box, she joined him and was curious to find out what was inside it.  They both tried to shake it, smell it, weigh it, but they just couldn’t figure it out.  They didn’t want to spoil the children’s surprise, so they put the box back inside the fridge. 


Now, Quin was waiting with anticipation for Fei to untie the ribbon to open up the gift box.  The children were eagerly anticipating because they wanted to catch their father’s reaction upon seeing the gift.


Fei wanted to prolong the fun and so he lifted the lid and peeked inside.  Upon seeing what was inside, his first reaction was a loud burst of laughter. 


“What is it?”  Quin wanted to know now that Fei had closed the box up and reached out to grab his children.


The children tried to get away from their Dad, but it was too late.  All three of them were laughing and giggling as Fei tickled them with playful tackling. 

“It was Boy-boy’s idea!  He suggested it!”  Lemon-B blurted amidst her giggles when Fei was tickling her. 

Quin reached for the gift box but Fei kept it out of her reach.  “Nope.  You’ll have to guess!”


He gestured to the children not to tell what was inside the box.  Quin failed in her attempts to grab the box from Fei.  Though the children tried to give her hints, she still failed to guess what it was inside the box.  Finally, Fei whispered a peace offering to her ear.  “Give me a big kiss and I’ll share my gift with you.”


Quin hesitated.  Then she looked at Fei inquisitively.  “I’m not sure if I want to share it with you.”


“Oh you do!  If you don’t kiss me, you’ll regret it!”  Fei hinted.  “Come on!  I want a big one!” 

Quin gave in and planted a big sounding kiss him on his lips in front of the kids.  Finally,  Fei opened up the box and showed her the gift.  Quin couldn’t believe what she saw and her laughter was louder than that of Fei’s when he first saw the gift.  Quin turned to her three children and asked with big round eyes.  “You bought Daddy a block of cheese worth $150?”

“Daddy said he is your mouse!” All three children shouted at once.

After they had their row of fun and laughter with the block of cheese, the children presented him the card they made.  As he and Quin read the card, he asked Quin with amusement in his voice.  “Can our 3 munchkins go back into your tummy?  They were a lot easier to handle then!”