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Chinese Steam Buns with ThermoMix (Mantou 饅頭)

Ingredients (Makes 8 – 16)

100 ml Luke warm water (75F to 80F)
1 tsp Active dry yeast
1 tbsp. White sugar

200 grams of All-purpose Flour
¼ tsp Baking Powder

1/2 tbsp. Shortening / Canola Oil

Need to prepare the following:

  • Medium Size Bowl for Dough Proofing – Greased
  • Steamer lined with parchment paper
  • Water for Steaming
  • Cheese cloth or clean tea towel for steaming

Step 1

In a measuring cup, mix lukewarm water with yeast and sugar. 

Stir well until dissolved.  Let it sit and proof for about 10 minutes.

Step 2

With ThermoMix, measure the flour and add baking powder. 

Lock lid and put the little cup on. 

Press time to 10 Seconds and turn on at Speed 4.

Turn off machine and let it stand till yeast is ready.

Step 3

If yeast solution is ready after 10 mins, you will see the bubbles.  If not, then the yeast is NOT usable.  Start a fresh batch.


Step 4

When yeast is ready, set ThermoMix timer for 2 mins. 

Turn machine to the kneading icon.  (2nd position). 

Press the wheat kernel icon to start the mixing. 

Within that two minutes, slowly pour the yeast mixture into flour as the machine spins.

At the end of the 2 mins, the dough mixture will look like this. With closed lid, let it rest for 20 mins.

Meanwhile, prepare a small amount of cold water in a cup that is easy for pouring.  I use the ThermoMix cup.

Step 5

Set ThermoMix timer for 2 mins.

Turn machine to the kneading icon.  (2nd position). 

Press the rotating icon. 

Press the wheat kernel icon to start the kneading. 

At the same time, pour cold water a little at a time through the lid till the dough forms together.

(Do not pour all the water in at once, do it a little bit at a time within the 1-2 minutes.  Stop once the dough is no long crumbly).

Step 6

Turn off ThermoMix and take the dough out. Roll it into a ball.  Place it into the greased bowl and cover it.  Let it proof until double in size. If you don’t have a proofing oven, put it in the microwave with a cup of boiled water.  (45 min to 1 hour)



Step 7

When dough has doubled in size, bring it out and punch it to release all the air.  Roll into a ball again.  Cut dough in half, roll one of the dough into a flat rectangular shape with your rolling pin.  Fold in the long edge of the dough, pressing the end as you roll along.  

Cut the roll into half, then half again to make 4 medium Mantou.  Or cut them in half again to make 16 small Mantou. Press the cut edges of each one to make it nice and flat.  Place them into the steamer with the parchment paper. 

Let it proof until double in size.  (30 minutes)


Step 8

When the dough has doubled in size, bring the steamer to boil on high heat.  Steam Mantou for 20 minutes. (Optional - Put a cheese cloth or clean towel over the pan (not touching dough) and cover to steam to avoid droplets of water getting on the dough.)