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Page - Memories of Ah Shuk - From a Distance

(1994 - A Few days before Chinese New Year)

My conversation with Ah Shuk during a ride to Ah Yan’s house (home).

Me: Ah Shuk, do you know of a Christian book store in Miri?

Ah Shuk: Not really, why?

Me: I just heard this song on the flight from HK to Miri and I want to buy the CD to learn the song.

Ah Shuk: Who is the singer or the band?

Me: I don’t know, but a woman sang it.

Ah Shuk: (Chuckles) Okay, what is the name of the song?

Me: I don’t know.  Maybe ‘God is watching us?’  That’s all I can remember.

Ah Shuk: (Quietly thinking) … You mean ‘From a Distance’?  Bette Midler?

Me: Who?  Is she a Christian singer?  I think this is a Christian song.

Ah Shuk: (Chuckles) Well, she sings many songs, not just Christian songs.  You’ve never heard of her?

Me: Nope.  I don’t think that’s the song.

Ah Shuk dropped me off at home and then left the house.  I thought he was going back to work.  An hour later, he returned and handed me a plastic bag.  This time he said ‘bye’ and that he was heading back to work.  That was it!  In and out in a few minutes.  However, I could feel there was a CD case inside.  Indeed, he bought me ‘Experience the Divine: Greatest Hits by Bette Midler!  The song I heard was indeed ‘From a Distance’.  Every time I hear this song, it always reminded me of what Ah Shuk did for me.  And now, he is watching us all from a distance.

Another memory

(Around Chinese New Year)

 Ah Shuk bought a quite a few packets of Gon Lo Mee home for breakfast.  Granny asked which store he bought them from.  After he told her, she said the noodles from that place is no good.  Then she asked why he didn’t get it from some other place….I had no idea where.  Ah Shuk chuckled and gently brushed off Granny’s comment like he always did.  A few minutes later, he left for work.  To me, the noodles Ah Shuk had bought smelled and looked delicious enough to eat.  So I started eating.  Not too long after, Ah Shuk returned with 2 more packets of Gon Lo Mee from the store Granny had mentioned.  One packet for me and the other for Granny.  He told me to eat again and see if Granny was right about which was better.  Now you all know why I gain weight every time I was home in Miri.