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aleiyawrite - droplets of happiness for the heart


Complement or Companion

I didn’t realize I made such a boo boo with this part of the lyric from 愛江山更愛美人, what was I thinking?

(Smacking my forehead)  

紅 花 當 然 綠 葉 -  這 一 輩 子 誰 來

  means to match in general, but I chose complement as it means to complete or bring out perfection.  If you draw or paint a rose, the beauty of it is just not there without the green leaf.  Yup, just my opinion.  It’s okay if you don’t agree cos beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Which brings me to the next lyric line.

I thought it was the same word because I based my translation on just listening to the song.  It really sounds like the same word - 這 一 輩 子 誰 來 .  Having no skill set to type Chinese characters, I copied and pasted the lyrics and didn’t pay attention to that ‘particular’ character .  Well, it turns out the correct translation is to keep one’s company.  As in ‘Who will be my companion for the rest of my life?’

What would you choose?  

Hands up for ‘Complement’ – as in LK and JH would make a great couple; their personalities are a perfect complement to one another.

Hands up for ‘Companion’ – as in LK and JH would make a great couple.  They are great lifetime companion to one another.

As for me, I will choose both complement and companion.  For to be a lifetime companion to someone will require personalities that are a perfect complement to one another.  Do you agree?

愛江山更愛美人 - Love for my Country; even more love for my Beloved

I just love the melody of this song so much that I had to translate it. 

Hope you like the music video too.  


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